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Africa is the hardest hit by climate change. According to the World Meteorological Organization, Africa is suffering disproportionately from the climate change crisis, even though it contributes only a fraction of global greenhouse gas emissions. “Africa is responsible for less than 10 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. But it is the continent which is the least able to cope with the negative impacts of climate change, it said.

Nigeria, Africa’s biggest economy, is facing challenges in adapting to climate change, despite having a National Climate Change Policy Framework and Action Plan. Implementation is hindered by various obstacles, highlighting a concerning struggle to protect its people and ecosystems from the profound impacts of climate change. 

Among many things, the West  African country struggles with insufficient funds for climate adaptation, leaving vulnerable communities ill-prepared to face environmental threats. The lack of integrated approaches worsens the issue, as disjointed efforts fail to tackle the multifaceted nature of climate impacts.

In essence, Nigeria’s struggle with climate adaptation underscores the urgent need for comprehensive policy reforms, increased financial investments, and enhanced collaborative efforts to build resilience and mitigate the escalating impacts of climate change on its vulnerable populations. 

Climate change adaptation involves making adjustments to cope with the impacts of climate change, whether they are happening now or anticipated in the future. The goal is to reduce or prevent harm to people and take advantage of potential opportunities. Additionally, human intervention may be necessary to assist natural systems in adapting to these changes. Although the media plays a critical role in the realisation of climate adaptation efforts, adequate coverage of climate-related issues has not been achieved.

However, the Sterling One Foundation has partnered with Microsoft Nigeria, Sterling Bank, The Sun Media, Oando Foundation, Coca-Cola, and other esteemed private sector organizations to initiate a workshop to transform the Nigerian media landscape. The primary objective is to empower media professionals to amplify the urgency of the climate change crisis through their reporting. The Sterling One Foundation is dedicated to advancing sustainable development and environmental stewardship across Africa.

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