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Smartphone giant, Samsung recently launched its Galaxy Note 5 into the Nigerian market. The Sapphire Black, White Pearl, Titanium Silver and Gold Platinum Galaxy note 5 devices have newly improved features. The device comes with a sample rate 240Hz and a pressure level 2,048 S pen which works just as well as a real pen. The device is armed with a 16 mega pixel camera. One of its unique features is the live broadcast ability of the device; users can now produce specialized videos on their devices and broadcast them live on the internet.

Managing Director, Samsung Electronics West Africa, Mr Brovo Kim, said “With the Note 5, our customers can achieve more with their devices, quickly write down ideas and notes at meetings or wherever inspiration strikes”.

Samsung has recorded a fair amount of success in the Nigerian market. As such, Ventures Africa conducted an opinion poll in the Ikeja axis of Lagos state in order to unravel why Nigerians continue to choose Samsung over other brands.

Ventures Africa (VA): Samsung just released Galaxy Note 5, which seems to be in high demand with Nigerians. Why do you purchase Samsung products?

Chibuzor Eze, FMCG Sales Coordinator

I make use of three different operating systems (OS); a Samsung Android, an iPhone and a blackberry, my overall preference though is the Samsung device because it is durable. I started using my Samsung Android since 2012 and I have had no cause to conduct some extensive repairs on it or even replace it. The durability of Samsung devices are simply out of this world, although appropriate care is also vital to it’s sturdiness.

Tunde Masonya, Tax Administrator

I currently use one of  Samsung’s latest models and it has served most of my tech needs. Now that the company has launched a new Galaxy note into the Nigerian market, I am interested in it only if the price is friendly, I love the product but I also need to consider my financial capability. My current device was purchased for two reasons – the size of the phone and the camera, it has a 13 mega pixel function and has the best photographs when compared to other devices. I love taking pictures, so it was the first feature I looked out for during purchase. Taking it a step further, I purchased my Samsung iPhone because of the brand name, there is a certain allure to that name Samsung.

Oladimeji Blessing, Marketer, Diamond Bank

I am a huge fan of Samsung products, for me, no other smartphone producing company makes devices the way they do. The first feature I love is the camera, it has clarity unlike others that could be dull or blurry. I actually saw an advert on television showcasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the live video broadcast feature really caught my attention. Also, when the device is off, it can be used as a notepad, all the information will be made available when it comes back on. I mean it doesn’t get better than that! I would love to get it, when I can afford it of course. Many Nigerians know the quality of Samsung products, though several of them purchase other smartphone devices due to affordability but those other products are just second fiddle to Samsung.

Arinze Modebe, Direct Sales Agent, Diamond Bank

Although I did not purchase my current Samsung device, it serves all my smartphone needs. It is easy to use and at the same time, it is capable of so many functions, so much so that it is basically my mini office or a personal assistant. I intend to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the price is really not a challenge for me, as long as the features are up to par. Based on the high quality of previous Samsung smartphone products, I am sure it is worth every penny. Using Samsung in Nigeria for me, is all about the brand name which could also be related to class/image. If one walks into a gathering and brings out a Samsung iPhone or Galaxy Note, it gives that person some form of prestige and affluence in the society.

Olajumoke Ilaganya, Public Relations Consultant

I love my Samsung device because it has a lot of features that other smartphone products are lacking or have not improved on. Although I still under-utilize them, I think the features are quite amazing. The good thing about some of these apps is you do not have to download and keep checking for progress, it just pops up on the device, ready for use. I will definitely purchase the Galaxy Note 5, smartphones are now an integral part of our lives, our business ideas and tasks are incorporated in them. They have become a necessary part of everyday life, so if I must use one, I have to get the best. In my opinion, Samsung is the best there is.


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