The world renowned Alter Ego Project Group on Thursday, December 15th, 2016 opened its art deco doors to its first VIP quest as it launches Nigeria’s first private Atelier. The new luxury studio is for the new class of sophisticated and successful Nigerians who demand a truly individual elegance in their way of life.

Alter Ego Project Group, founded by Julia D. Lantieri in 2003, will be collaborating with Michael Owolabi, founder and CEO of the Black Pelican Group, which owns Il Bagno to make the project a success in Nigeria. Since 2004, Il Bagno has led the Nigerian market as the supplier of the finest grade bathrooms and kitchens.

L-R: Julia D. Lantieri, CEO, Alter Ego Project Group, Anna Kuzmina, Director, Alter Ego Italian Division, Larisa Girenok, Head of Global Communications & PR, Alter Ego Project Group and Michael Owolabi, CEO, IL Bagno
L-R: Julia D. Lantieri, CEO, Alter Ego Project Group, Anna Kuzmina, Director, Alter Ego Italian Division, Larisa Girenok, Head of Global Communications & PR, Alter Ego Project Group and Michael Owolabi, CEO, IL Bagno

“It’s where art embraces science and high-quality engineering fuses with Italian chic. Just the way fine champagne is born from water and grapes, an exclusive and personal artcase is handcrafted from leather and steel to find its rightful customer,” said Julia D. Lantieri, founder of the Alter Ego Project Group.

At the Alter Ego Private Atelier in Abuja, elite clients invited to the exclusive launch event had a rare opportunity to choose from a special selection of Alter Ego Milano artcases and Alchymia interior décor products.

Usually, these goods are only made to order, which means there is the possibility of having to wait in line. But, on this occasion of the atelier’s début in Nigeria, limited edition artcases and décor pieces were presented for immediate purchase.

Alter Ego Milano Artcases are a statement of style that has been painstakingly personalised. Although offered in three exquisite classes—Alterego Original Collection, Alterego Evolution, and Alterego Revolution—each item, made with “handpicked stones, velvet-soft durable textiles and precious woods,” bears the treasured signature of the ALTEREGO Milano brand.


Alter Ego Milano Artcases series

Alter Ego Original Collection: This is the first in the series of Alter Ego Milano Artcases series. It consists of eight separate lines that are made of calfskin, and five others made from crocodile leather.

Alter Ego Evolution: With the Alter Ego Original Collection as its foundation, the Evolution offers additional options of leather, stones, and woods that enable customers to truly sign their own name on the product.

The Alter Ego Revolution: This is the absolute definition of what a bespoke Artcase should look like. With its construction beginning on a blank page, it offers complete freedom to the client to choose the design, trim, and materials with which the product is made.

To bring the work to life, fully customised materials are developed at the Physiognomic Lab, a special Alter Ego Milano Department in charge of research, advanced technologies and projects elaboration.

How will people get items not include in the launch collection

For items not included in the launch collection on December 15, Alter Ego Private Atelier will take orders in its customary fashion. As usual, clients will receive personal guidance from resident experts to help interpret their distinctive flair. This process applies to Alchymia as well.

What you need to know about Alchymia

Founded in Italy many centuries ago, Alchymia has remained a family business whose genius, passion and mastery of decoration constantly result in imaginative decorative concepts that are based on Italian heritage yet perpetually enchanting to the rest of the world.

The company builds on its colourful history by continually engaging in painstaking research and development. This way, it preserves its European foundations while imbuing its output with characteristics that make them irresistible to cultured tastemakers around the world.

In the twenty-first century, Alchymia is giving new meaning to art deco by combining classical and oriental motifs. The result is highlighted with unexpected references from far-reaching areas of human adventures such as music, architecture and fashion.

With the emergence of Alter Ego Private Atelier in Abuja, the Alter Ego Project Group says it plans to bring the beauty of Alter Ego Milano and Alchymia closer to the affluent Nigerian who until now always received such services abroad.

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