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Nigeria, world’s most populous Black Country has been ranked as the African country with the highest number of internet subscribers. The West African country, with over 180 million people, is awarded a special prize for advancing the cause of internet connection in sub-Saharan Africa. However, the number of the country’s telecommunication giants could not add up as the country ranked fifth best country in terms of the quality of the connection provided. Apparently, the first award comes as a result of the vast population of the country.

According to a publication on, in the best internet connection category, Seychelles, a tiny tourism-driven East African country provides the best internet connection on the continent. The small island is closely followed by Morocco and South Africa as the top three African countries with the best internet services. At least 50 percent of the population of each of the top three countries has access to quality internet connection.

Nigeria, with South African telecommunication company MTN marshaling the telco space alongside Mike Adenuga’s Globacom and Airtel, is ranked in a lowly fifth position, behind Tunisia and one spot above Kenya. Even as the likes of MTN, Glo, and Airtel have, in no small measure, subsidised the prices of data, and made it more accessible, the poor quality of the broadband networks has been a constant headache for internet users in Nigeria.

In a similar ranking, the passport of Seychelles has been ranked most powerful in Africa according to financial firm Arton Capital.  With the economy of the East African country built on tourism which allows for frequent visitation, the country operates a visa-free entry to all visitors, administering visitors visa on arrival. The openness of country is replicated as its passport holders have access to 94 countries visa-free, with 30 others on visa-on-arrival.  Mauritius and South Africa complete the top three countries with powerful passports in Africa, as Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Somalia have the least favoured passports in Africa. It’s saddening that despite being the largest economy in Africa, Nigeria often comes second best in any other function that places quality above quantity.

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