Minelab, a global leader in gold detection technology, has announced the official opening of its Minelab MEA General Trading LLC facility in Dubai.

This centre will function as a regional base and a well-connected transit hub, thereby making it easier to transport Minelab products such as the GPX 5000 hand-held gold detector to its diverse customers across Africa. it will also support the efforts of its outstanding dealership network, including its education-based anti-counterfeit strategy.

The $2 million investment recognises the emirate as a key hub for its ‘Gold’ business into the Middle East and Africa.

The success of the small scale mining activity and gold detection product makes it a major target for counterfeit manufacturers. This is seen in the amount of illegally produced gold with the most recent finds in excess of $10 million. In August 2014, the highest confiscation of forged Minelab products, with a potential market value of $9.7 million, was conducted in Ajman.

Counterfeit Minelab equipment were retrieved in a recent police operation in Dubai, thereby reaffirming the organization’s belief that Dubai is the best location for the hub. It is also convinced that this move will help ensure the protection of customer interests by protecting the authenticity of Minelab products and brands.

Peter Charlesworth, General Manager, Minelab Electronics Pty. Ltd., stated that the new facility is an exciting strategic development for their business, he also looks forward to future collaborations with Dubai.

“We look forward to working closely with our excellent network based in Dubai, welcoming our Middle East and African customers to our new facility and meeting them in the field while building on the tremendous success of our anti-counterfeit campaigns with the support of the Dubai Department of Economic Development and Dubai Police.”

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