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Health establishments typically make a diagnosis first before proceeding to either prescribe drugs or set up a treatment plan for the individual involved. Sometimes the diagnosis is correct and sometimes it might not be correct. This is the situation with many health establishments in West Africa.

Data from the West African sub-region in general and from Nigeria in particular, show the prevalence of misdiagnosis at an alarming rate. Some studies show that about 250,000 deaths occur yearly in Nigeria alone as a result of wrong diagnoses and that only cancer and cardiovascular diseases claim more lives than misdiagnoses each year.

The challenge now is how the medical community and indeed the whole of the healthcare industry will improve the accuracy of their diagnosis. To achieve this, more effort must be made to improve the quality of medical laboratories across the region.

The medical laboratory, though of primary importance in any medical institution, is usually not accorded the respect it deserves, and neither is much attention given to it in this part of the world. Medical laboratories contribute to about 70% of the diagnosis made by physicians annually. Simply phrased; they are the eyes through which physicians view and take carediagnosesnts.

It is obvious from the available statistics that the rate of misdiagnoses in West Africa is because of the lack of priority accorded medical lab practice as science and poor medical laboratory equipment. The fact then is that a vastly improved medical laboratory system and practice will generally have the effect of improving the healthcare institution as we know it. To achieve this, healthcare practitioners need to be up to date with the latest, cutting-edge technology available and be willing to be innovative in their approach to healthcare services to boost their performance.

Medic West Africa

Medic West Africa is the leading platform that has always been at the front line, pushing for cooperation among healthcare experts while emphasizing the need for technological innovation in providing solutions to the healthcare challenges in West Africa. Medic West Africa plays this role because it believes that it is through the collaborative efforts of the relevant stakeholders that sustainable change can be brought to the healthcare systems in West Africa.

This (the need for collaboration) is important to note because, though it is admitted by health experts that something needs to be done urgently about the prevalence of misdiagnosis in West Africa and even though some health experts are already taking steps on their own to tackle the situation. Approaching these challenges in this manner will not be enough. It is not even feasible in the long run.

What is needed is a platform with a wide reach that will unite these health experts in their collective aim to reduce the frequency of the challenge of misdiagnosis and innovate health care technology to enhance their efforts. It is this challenge that Medic West Africa as a platform readily provides a solution to.

The Medic West Africa platform is providing an avenue for healthcare experts to learn from each other, build a network of professionals across the value chain, and explore state-of-the-art technology laboratory equipment that will be exhibited.

At the forefront of this drive is Medlab, a global brand that has consistently been an avenue to showcase and promote a technologically driven clinical laboratory industry. Medlab will be launched this year in partnership with Medic West Africa during the Exhibition conference. Already, Medlab has a global audience, and its impact and presence can be felt from the Middle East to South America, North America, and Africa.

The aim of the conference is to further emphasize to healthcare practitioners and institutions the need to leverage the latest tech advancements in laboratory equipment, pointing out that there would be a radical improvement in patient-care efficiency if this is done. Again, having the most advanced laboratory equipment possibly becomes even more crucial today with the increase in chronic illnesses that, without high-quality laboratory equipment, may be misdiagnosed.

To this end, Medic West Africa is committed to being that platform that unites the players in the industry in purpose and in their pursuit of the common goal of creating better health services for patients. Also, Medlab as an innovation-oriented global Organization, will use this opportunity to showcase and educate participants on the most recent laboratory equipment and laboratory management’s best practices.

Through the years, Medic West Africa conferences and exhibitions have become a must for any serious-minded healthcare worker. The events have always convened the biggest players in the healthcare industry, and this increases their appeal to attendees. The unique selling points of these programs can be summed up in two words: access and opportunity. On the one hand, attendees can network with major stakeholders across the global stage. On the other hand, they also have an opportunity to learn, grow and share relevant data.

To this end, all medical and healthcare experts, and critical stakeholders be they in the government, public or private sectors are invited to Medic West Africa’s upcoming conference and exhibition. The serious nature of the health challenges facing West Africa requires both a collaborative effort and an innovative bent to solve.

Already, Medic West Africa has the support of many reputable and world-renowned organizations, trade organizations, and governmental agencies, but more involvement is needed as the aim is to radically cut down on the frequency of wrong diagnoses and to improve healthcare services in the region. Not only do they support Medic West Africa in this drive, but they also will be attending this conference and exhibition that will be held from the 26th to the 28th of September 2023.

To this end, everyone who is a healthcare service provider or has a stake in healthcare services is invited. Attendance is free. For more information, please visit

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