Photograph —, the foremost African platform for music streaming and downloads, has showered encomiums on MTN Nigeria for the organisation’s contribution to this year’s artist royalties payout. 

Commenting on this, Sowari Akosionu, Head of Marketing & Partnerships, said, “We are thrilled to acknowledge MTN Nigeria for their contribution to this year’s artist payout. Through our dynamic partnership, they have made an indelible impact in supporting and empowering Nigerian artists, resulting in substantial financial rewards”.

MTN Nigeria’s unparalleled reach and robust network infrastructure have played a pivotal role in expanding the accessibility of music to millions of subscribers across Nigeria. By seamlessly integrating Mdundo’s music streaming and download platform into its service offerings, MTN has provided artists with an extensive platform to showcase their talent, reaching a broader audience and stimulating increased engagement and revenue.

MTN Nigeria’s dedication and support have significantly contributed to the remarkable growth in artist royalty payouts witnessed this year. Mdundo’s transparent royalty payment practices, combined with Telco collaboration, enable accurate tracking and meticulous accounting of artist earnings.

This ensures that artists receive their fair share of compensation for their creative work, empowering them to invest further in their music careers and pave the way for a sustainable future.

Speaking on this, CEO, Martin Nielsen, extended his gratitude to the Music team at MTN Nigeria for their unwavering support and mutual alignments.

“The success of our partnership with MTN in Nigeria plays a significant part in our growth in the country and our contribution to the music industry. Together we have launched a very successful music service for the African mass market that provides an alternative to illegal downloads. This plays a significant role in growing the earnings for musicians across Africa.

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate the continued collaboration with MTN Nigeria, as we collectively strive to empower artists, foster a thriving music ecosystem, and unlock new avenues of growth and prosperity within the Nigerian music industry.

Once again, we extend our deepest appreciation to MTN Nigeria for their exceptional contribution to this year’s artist payout and their enduring commitment to the advancement of Nigerian music.

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