The Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has re-emphasized that any culprit of inappropriate waste disposal would be prosecuted according to the new environmental laws. The agency has also introduced a mobile app to track waste disposal operations across the state after several reported cases of nonchalant attitudes by Lagosians

The app, initially introduced in July 2018, comes with a lot of benefits such as information about waste operators and an avenue for residents to make reports. In the app, there is a “Locate nearest PSP operators” option, which gives a directory of the various waste operators in Lagos, arranged per Local Government Area.

Addressing environmental pollution and other vices such as floods, the agency stated that there was a need for residents to support the state in fighting some of these hazards. The introduction of the mobile app would address issues of environmental concerns, report happenings around, connect people to LAWMA operators, track waste disposal operation and many more.

Recently, the Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwo Olu launched the Blue Box initiative for residents to sort their waste and dispose of appropriately through PSPs operating in their areas. This was to encourage zero waste generation in the state and promote a healthier and cleaner environment

The Managing Director of LAWMA, Muyiwa Gbadegesin warned that violators will be appropriately sanctioned under the relevant environmental laws of the state which forbid indiscriminate refuse disposal by residents.

“LAWMA has intensified the distribution of waste disposal bags, under its Blue Box initiative, for residents to sort their waste and dispose appropriately through PS operating in their areas and under no circumstances should anyone dump refuse in drainage channels, medians, lagoons or any other unauthorized outlets,’’ he said.

While the acts of indiscipline have undermined the efforts of the government in other to achieve a better Lagos, LAWMA enforcement and waste policing team have over time taken to the streets of Lagos to arrest defaulters, after which the agency in charge arraign them to court for sanction or payment of fines.

Instead of the usual arraignment, however, there have been calls for a reversal of the penalty in favour of mandatory community service by defaulters.

“I think community service should be introduced in Lagos instead of all cases going to court or fines,” said a Twitter user.

By Ahmed Iyanda.

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