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Lagos Business School (LBS) has announced the 9th edition of the annual Africa Business Conference themed “Africa as a lever for global growth; creating opportunities in emerging growth sectors” which is scheduled to hold virtual on Saturday, November 27, 2021. The keynote speaker is the Chief Operating Officer of Flutterwave, Bode Abifarin.

The Africa Business Conference is an annual forum for business leaders, financiers and policymakers across Africa and the world; including investors seeking to do business in Africa with the aim of generating insights and trends to impact value creation and propel the continent into an advanced economy.

Recently, there has been a surge in the opportunities created within some sectors of the African economy. According to Harvard Business Review, sectors with growth opportunities in Africa include health, fintech, food and agriculture processing, construction and light manufacturing. Not only do Africans have the opportunity to explore these sectors, but the high growth and employment potential, as well as the high-profit margins associated with these industries, also creates a unique opportunity for Africa to contribute significantly to global growth.

It is therefore important for businesses, individuals, and entities interested in the long-term growth of Africa, to be strategically positioned to identify, participate, and utilize these opportunities for the greater good of the continent. The conference aims to bring together over 1,200 participants virtually from various institutions and networks from fintech, agriculture, youth and skill development, fashion, retail and creative services.

The huge potential that these sectors can create on the African continent is significant as these sectors are led by youths, creating jobs, driving food sustainability and attracting viable long-term investment that is significant to generating the outputs that will make Africa globally competitive.

Registration for the conference is free and open to all.

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