If you haven’t already taken the leap and migrated your business firmly into the digital realm, then it is probably fair to say that you are behind the curve. Increasingly digital is the place to be and old-school media like newspapers and television are being left behind. There are many reasons for this. For one, people like to select their own content and not have to pay for it. For another, digital is so simple and easy, you don’t even need to get out of bed to get your needs satisfied. Where in the past, about a decade ago, digital had the smallest share of advertising revenue, it now boasts the largest share out of all media types – and the truth is that Google is the means through which most businesses acquire the bulk of their new business. With this in mind, what questions should you be asking as you look to take your company into the digisphere?

Where to engage?

Digital can be very confusing because there are so many platforms and methods by which you can engage. There is a traditional website, there are a plethora of social media platforms and there are things like apps. Quite where to start is hard to know. The reality is that a website is the cornerstone of your digital presence. Social Media is for creating touchpoints, but it should be used as a means of driving traffic back to the website – in short, it is for engagement and calls to action. As to apps, this is difficult to know. Perhaps the first thing here is to engage with a company that does mobile app development Sydney has several of these you can pick from. An app needs a purpose – something that sets it apart from a website. If the expert can help you pinpoint this, then you could be on to something.

Keep yourself informed

Having a digital presence is pointless if you are not able to derive any intelligence from it. Unlike television or print that cannot really be measured, digital is extraordinarily trackable and if you want to operate successfully in the digital space you need to make sure that you are using this information correctly. Your analytics will tell you how people are discovering your site, which pages they are viewing, when and why they are leaving your site, how long they typically stay for if you are converting into sales. Analytic tools can be plugged into the site for free. A simple online search for something like data analytics Sydney should help point you in the direction of a company or person who can help you in this regard.

Social Media

We mentioned social media earlier and this is a vital element of your whole digital strategy. You need to be strategic about what you do, what content you create and how often you put it out there. Come up with a strategy and develop a voice. This is something that you can outsource to an agency or which you can handle internally. But it is important and shouldn’t be done as an afterthought. Driving audience and engaging users is a fulltime endeavour, and you need to give it the attention that it deserves.

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