VENTURES AFRICA  – A South African network company, i3 Africa, is planning to build an international network to link South Africa with other BRICS nations  (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) that will facilitate a better flow of communication. This will also make South Africa the gateway into Africa for BRICS countries and vice versa.

The company chairman, Andrew Mthembu has expressed confidence in the project. “We are quite confident that these project will get off the ground. We have seen a lot of interest fom the BRICS countries for participation in this project, and to put forward money to make sure it happens,” he said.

He noted that connecting other nations from South Africa makes sense given the country’s position and the fact that all major international cable system like SAT-3/SAFE, SEACOM, EASSy, and soon WACs touch South Africa. Thus, all African countries using these cables can link with BRICS nations via the cable systems.

Image via Subsea News

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