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While education has evolved from the conventional classroom experience, a lot of Nigerian students still lack the exposure to many initiatives that boost digital literacy. However, with the support of multinationals like Hyundai Motors Nigeria, more youth will be able to access to the right resources to equip them with many skills, knowledge and understanding to further their education and subsequently prepare themselves for the workplace.

Hyundai Motors Nigeria has revealed plans to invest in the country’s educational sector through the provision of ultra-modern Information Communication Technology (ICT) laboratories in selected school across the six geo-political zones in Nigeria.

“We in Nigeria, in line with Hyundai Motors global CSR maxim of “Moving the World Together” are joining hundreds of thousands of other Hyundai dealerships across the world to demonstrate Hyundai’s Corporate Social Responsibility doctrines of empowering lives, supporting youths’ education and helping them to access quality education,” said Parvir Singh, Managing Director, Stallion Hyundai Motors Nigeria Limited in  a statement read by Head of Sales and Marketing, Gaurav Vashisht.

In repositioning Nigeria in the digital revolution that has taken the tool in some parts of the world, unwavering efforts and huge investments in education need to be prioritized by the federal government, individuals and multinational agendas in the coming years. This is why the project according to the company is aimed at “improving the lives of the people” through its “development-oriented and sustainable movement.”

The car manufacturing giant, Hyundai is currently working within the ambit of its global cardinal objective ‘moving the world together’, an initiative which has seen the company train students in Egypt, China, Philippines, India, Korea, and Brazil.

With Nigeria joining the fray, Hyundai has already empowered more than eight schools and colleges in Lagos Abuja and Port-Harcourt. These schools are the first set of schools to benefit from the project with the donation of ultra-modern ICT gadgets, which included the installation of 20 desktop computers and inauguration of ICT laboratories for students to benefit.

“We, therefore, hope this project will impact directly hundreds of thousands of lives in Lagos and several other communities in Port-Harcourt and Abuja,” Vashisht said.

Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, Hyundai is one of the forerunners in global car manufacturing with the introduction of high-tech and executive cars across the globe. It recently launched Hyundai Kona Electric, one of the first electric subcompact SUV in the global market. Hyundai has dedicated itself into building a new generation of young talent since the launching of its “Moving the World Together” over six years ago.

With the wave of technological advancements across the globe, Africa, particularly Nigeria must ensure that the younger generation is prepared for the ‘new age.’ Experts and analysts have argued that deeper learning and a change of curriculum will set the youths in the country on the path of development. 

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