A common struggle among all YouTubers is how to get more subscribers. Indeed, you can’t have a successful and lucrative YouTube channel without a sufficient amount of subscribers.

First of all, you need to find the best place to buy subscribers in order to make your channel appear in more home pages. Moreover, you can also follow some strategies that we are going to see in more detail in this article.

The best strategies to get more subscribers are as follows.

1.  Ask your viewers directly

If you have already convinced users to click on your video, you need to make sure that they become subscribers. The simplest way that you can achieve that is by simply asking them. You might wonder if this is enough, but the majority of users need only a little push to click the subscribe button. So, within your video, tell your viewers to subscribe and also tell them how to do it. Don’t forget to mention the bell button to get a notification every time you upload a new video. If you want to motivate them some more, give them a reason why they will love your content.

2. Feature your channel on your blog

If you don’t have one already, it’s time to start a blog in the same niche as your YouTube channel. Even Instagram influencers accompany their endeavors in this social media platform with a blog. A blog offers a good way to showcase your videos and redirect more users to your YouTube channel. Plus, a YouTube channel with a blog will put you on the right path to create your own online business. By finding the best place to buy subscribers, you can promote effectively both of them.

3. Promote your channel on social media

There is no doubt that you are using the majority of social media. If you haven’t created profiles for your YouTube channel on every platform, this should be your top priority. People spend many hours per day on social media and you can easily reach them there. Post all of your content using hashtags and let users know of what it’s about. Additionally, reach out to other websites like Reddit and Quora that have a huge number of unique daily users.

4. Partner with other YouTubers

If you are looking for an effective way to get to the right audience, then you should partner with a creator in your niche. First of all, you can guest in one of your partner’s videos and so their subscribers will get to know you. But there is more you can do. You can cooperate and place each other on the featured channels that are listed in every profile. This way, every time users enter their profile, they will see your channel.

5. Create a payoff

Another way to motivate your users to subscribe is to create a payoff. For this, you need to set a specific goal. Once you achieve it, you promise to do something. In your video, you should say something like “if I reach … subscribers, I will upload a video of …”.

These creative strategies will give enough motivation to your viewers to subscribe to your channel. Until they do though, find the best place to buy subscribers to get started immediately.

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