The latest eToro review has shown that the platform is the best and easy-to-use copy-trading service for most traders globally. eToro allows traders to copy trades of other investors in different (2300) instruments such as: Exchange-traded securities, Forex and CFDs  and Cryptocurrencies

The 2007 creation is a low-risk copy-trading platform regulated by two tier-1 dominions and one tier-2 jurisdiction. It’s the best trading service for any broker trading forex and CFDs.  However, eToro prices are higher in the forex and CDFs compared to other traders. 

What makes eToro unique?

The eToro trading platform holds two unique features:

Copy Trader

The trading service allows you to sort through other traders. You can maneuver and view their trading history. This includes what they have gained and lost over certain trading periods. Once you settle for a particular trader, you can automatically deposit or allocate funds to copy their trades. 

Popular investors

The popular investor program works by rewarding traders through the number of copiers they have on their platform. The user gets a monthly commission; this encourages responsible trading and investment. 

The social and copying trading features help new traders learn and invest first, since they have role models (copying investors) to follow while gaining from their trading trends. 

Overall features of eToro 

Is eToro safe?

Based on the reviews (93/99) and research, eToro is a low-risk trading platform which doesn’t use public platforms or banks to operate. The service uses two tier-1 jurisdictions, one tier-2 jurisdiction, and one tier-3 jurisdiction (high, average, and low trust).  The trading body is authenticated by the Australian Securities and Exchange Commission ASIC and financial conduct Authority FCA. 

Offer on investments

The eToro platform has a solid number of 2361 tradable symbols; different products are based on client interest. 


This a popular trade that is available using CFDs. The trade uses cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. 


eToro also provides a unique experience for its multi-asset brokers. They provide a smooth and easy process for traders. Users can select between CFDs and underlying trading assets through the trade-ticket window. 

Commission and fee 

The company is a market-maker broker, a winner in the top list variable spread of one in the EUR/USD. This is higher than average in the industry; most traders don’t go for the spreads but the social copy-trading feature. 

VIP accounts

The eToro trading platform offers traders several levels in trading. For VIP club membership, the traders receive five-tier ranging from solver to diamond.  To qualify, the traders should maintain or have balances of $5 to $250k. The benefits are different based on the trader’s level. 

Popular investor program 

The program has four levels, from the cadet to the elite. The stages allow the user to receive perks and benefits from the program. The investor program benefits can be spread in rebates, monthly payments, and management fees.  The program allows traders to copy other investors. 

Cryptocurrency trading

The company has pricing close to average in trading physical cryptocurrency (buying and selling of Bitcoin). The conversion from crypto to crypto is relatively low at eToro.  The service has many crypto assets and CFDs, making it the best broker in Crypto trading. 

Exchange-traded securities

The eToro trading platform offers users zero dollar commission for US stock trading. It also supports fractional shares. However, the offer is not available to US investors. 

Platform and tools

The primary purpose for eToro is to merge self-directed trading and copy trading through one trading platform.  It is user friendly as its basic features are easy to operate. The best tool is the CopyPortfolios.  The tool groups traders in one single fund where they can copy trade other investors.  The tools also help new traders get the trading concept and adapt easily to the field.

Additionally, the feature (platforms and tools)  helps users enjoy cryptocurrency tools to get trading ideas from other groups through copying. 

The eToro trading platform is the best opportunity for retail traders who need to crowdsource trading and investment ideas.   The service helps newbies learn fast from their counterparts and understand the trading system (concept of losing and gaining). 

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