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The African tech ecosystem has seen tremendous growth in recent years and provides a landscape for future investors to reap great benefits. This rise in technological development is fuelled by the continent’s young, and digitally-literate population, and with Isimi’s Tech lab, there is more hope for incredible feats to come.

Nigeria attracts the highest number of investors in all the African countries, with at least 641 entities making equity investments between 2015 – 2022 into the country’s tech startups. Between 2015 and 2022, 383 tech startups raised a combined US$2,068,709,445 – a higher total than any other country.

While much funding came from global investors, local investors are increasingly funding African innovation. This boost in local venture capital participation will aid the growth and expansion of start-ups in Africa.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT with Landwey and the Lagos State Government has announced the launch of the Senseable City Lab in Isimi Lagos, as one of the most important components of the Isimi Tech Valley and the first of its kind in Africa. The mission of the Senseable City Laboratory—a research initiative of MIT is to study and anticipate new approaches to the built environment from a critical point of view.

The Senseable City Lab is affiliated with other world-renowned academic institutions such as the University of Tokyo, Weizmann Institute of Science, Universidad Autónoma de Occidente, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Imperial College London, Università di Pisa, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, AMS Institute.

Isimi’s tech valley’s mission is to nurture innovation and breakthroughs to propel Lagos and the entire continent of Africa to the global forefront of the technology movement while working towards achieving sustainable development goals. Isimi Lagos is the first wellness, technology-powered eco-city with the aim to provide a serene space for both working and living to its long and short-term residents and visitors.

Located within the long stretches of green vegetation that make up Epe in Lagos, Isimi Lagos is a 300-hectare destination city for those who love a6 fusion of beautiful architecture, technology, and nature. This makes it the perfect destination for the omni-disciplinary approach to research that the Senseable Lagos Lab will follow.

The gradual growth of an enabling environment makes Africa the best location for tech investment. Nigeria’s National Assembly passed the private sector-led Nigeria Startup Bill (NSB) into law in October targeted at growing the country’s tech ecosystem. This is coupled with Nigeria’s growing youth population and the emergence of software engineering talent.

The MIT Senseable City Lab will provide an incentive that enables an environment for innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors to operate, grow and thrive in.

About LandWey

LandWey Investment is a company that offers end-to-end residential and commercial real estate services. Our offerings range from investment advisory and land sourcing to development and construction. Incorporated in 2016 and in its short existence has risen to become one of the top real estate companies in Nigeria.

We are unrelenting in our quest to deliver high-quality, affordable housing to the people of Lagos and this has seen us establish over 14 residential estates along the Lekki-Epe expressway between the 2nd Toll Gate and Bogije axis.

About Isimi Lagos

The topography of the whole of Isimi Lagos will be largely retained to maintain its natural state. Buildings, roads, and other infrastructure are planned to be built around the existing geological structure. Isimi Lagos offers work and living spaces that are ideal for short- and long-term use.

If you’re looking for a place for your next vacation, company, or team retreat, or just somewhere you can go to embrace nature and get some well-deserved rest, Isimi Lagos is an excellent choice.

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