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Animation (cartoons) has been on the global scene for over a century, even though it found its way into most African homes in the 80s. Cartoons were first produced in the 1800s with inventions like magic lanterns and the zoetrope. 

After they found their way into Africa, cartoons became gained great reception among many children. For instance, for Nigerians born in the 80s and 90s, cartoons like Voltron, Dexter’s Laboratory, The Simpsons, Pinky and the Brain, Hey Arnold!, Micky Mouse, etc., played a critical entertainment role in their childhood. 

Before the 1990s, most Africans could only relate to the term animations or cartons in comic books and news periodicals. But today, not only do they have access to this form of creative content on Television and mobile devices, but now produce animated visuals to inform, educate and entertain audiences and promote brands.

Voltron, Legendary Defender. Photo Credit:
Voltron, Legendary Defender. Photo Credit:

The Nigerian animation industry is a budding- yet thriving- industry, spanning multiple sectors, including film, television, gaming, advertising, and more. Among its key players is Kevwe Ononuro, the brain behind the popular animation label, Khynetic.

Kevwe Ononuro hails from Delta State, Nigeria. He is the first of four children and a graduate of Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. His journey into the world of animation began in 2016, while he was still an undergraduate at the University.

Khynetic is an animation platform that embodies all aspects of filmmaking to tell compelling stories to educate, entertain, inform and advertise. Its dedication to crafting authentic and funny stories has enormously contributed to Nigeria’s animation industry. 

Its stories are relatable and that has made it gain good traction among social media users, especially in Nigeria. With a team of talented creatives at Khynetic, Kevwe deploys creativity into diverse frames, creating depth and authenticity that resonates deeply with viewers. 

Kevwe Ononuro, Founder and Head of Operations at Khynetic.
Kevwe Ononuro, Founder and Head of Operations at Khynetic.

“Through our meticulous attention to detail, mesmerizing visuals, and rich storytelling, we transport audiences into extraordinary places filled with awe and profound emotions,” Kevwe tells Ventures Africa. “The team’s commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new techniques has earned us recognition and admiration within the industry.”

Kevwe has been an avid chaser of animation. Most of his childhood playtimes were spent ripping out clean sheets of books to draw characters from comic books and constructing paper boats. But the artist didn’t discover his path as an animator until his penultimate year in university, during his internship (IT) days. That was when Khynetic was born.

In Kevwe’s opinion, what truly sets his brand apart is that it can touch the very core of human emotions. From heartwarming tales of love and friendship to exhilarating adventures that ignite the imagination, Kevwe and his team create animations to suit all demographics.

“With Khynetic, every frame tells a story, and every moment leaves an indelible mark on your soul. We are building a world of animation where dreams take shape, emotions come alive, and the extraordinary becomes a reality,” he adds. “We strive to reshape the narrative of storytelling in Africa with aims to be at the forefront of this transformative movement.” 

Kevwe explores his creative ingenuity through his animation platform to positively impact and inspire people. He currently serves as Head of Operations at Khynetic. 

“Our long-term goal is to evoke emotions and immerse people in different realities through storytelling. We want to inspire a new generation of storytellers who could push boundaries, defy limitations, preserve authenticity, and share their current realities with a future generation.”

A graphic illustration of popular social media character, 'mummy G.O' , by Khynetic.
A graphic illustration of a popular social media character, ‘mummy G.O’, by Khynetic.

The Khynetic brand has gained the confidence of young people, including skit makers and upcoming music artists who now contract it for graphics and animated music videos that align with their music concept. In July 2022, Kevwe created a video in respect of Nigeria’s Athletic gold medalist and world record holder, Tobi Amusan, with the gold of validating the dreams of every African girl child.

Khynetic remains one of the leading digital animation brands in Nigeria. It has a sizable fan base across social media platforms. As of press time, Khynetic has a fan base of 1670 followers on YouTube, 24,500 on Instagram, 407  Twitter followers and 473 Facebook followers.

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