When you are starting your business online, you may hire a web design company for fulfilling your requirements. As this is a matter of the brand awareness in the future of your business, you can choose the design company through their portfolio. The top reviews of web design companies suggest that a single portfolio is equivalent to thousand words. Now, let us discuss about the things on which you need to focus properly.

Website Portfolio: You need to check whether the website is including any portfolio or not. To maintain the previous works properly, the website portfolio can be updated in a regular basis. As it can be considered as the face of the company, the portfolio should be appealing to the new visitors coming in your site.

Amount of Work: If there remains an attractive portfolio in the site, you can go through all the activities and can understand the numbers of work done by that company. You can calculate the number of projects per year with a simple calculation. The number of tasks completed in the specific period of time will provide with a simple answer that how many activities can be completed in a year. In an average the design of the website may take 2-4 weeks to complete the full task.

Kinds of Work: You can go through the whole portfolio to understand what types of work they are expertise in. If 2-3 works are similar to the type you want, you can choose the company. If you want to work with a specific technology, you can go through the portfolio to see whether the company is experienced on that or not. If you are running a dating site or a site with real-estate buy and sell activities, you may need some extra features. Make sure that the web design company is experienced with the special functionalities of this kind of sites.

Work Quality: Check whether the live websites in the portfolio is taking longer page loading time or not. If a simple HTML site is taking a longer loading time, then you might choose another company with a professional outlook. You should also check the navigation of the sites whether they are user-friendly or not. The color combination of the sites can also be checked from the portfolio to know the work quality.

Real Owners: The contact information of the real owners can be mentioned in the portfolio or in the testimonials. This will help in preventing the fake owners with some quirky and duplicate website designs. If you can contact any of the personnel from the info, you may reveal some interesting facts about the company through them. Therefore it is very important that the portfolio contains the information of the real references or the real owners.

Own Site: The own website of the company can be judged for the quality of the work. If you can find out that the quality of the website is more professional than the websites mentioned in the portfolio, it might be the case that the website was built by another company. The amateur companies may sometimes hire work from the branded companies to improve the quality of their own site. In this case, you can decide to choose another professional company after rejecting this one.

So, before selecting the final web design company, you can search and analyze different types of the companies in the market. You can obtain a perfect web design company if you can study the portfolio properly. You may provide an ample amount of study of the portfolio with all the above mentioned points and get benefitted with a successful business.

By Sophia Marlin, a popular web developer.

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