The famous quote which says, “Work, Travel, Save, Repeat” suits those who love to travel perfectly. If you are ready to plan for a traveling trip then let us suggest a marvelous place in your budget. Scholkham, a beautiful historic city in Europe which retains all its historical beauty so perfectly that it will make you fall in love with itself.

No doubt it might be one of the prettiest cities in the world but it is a bit expensive too, and that can create a burden on your budget. So in this article, we highlight some of the places that you should visit and also how you can visit the city by not disturbing your budget.

Some of the best places to visit in Stockholm are mentioned below so take out your pen and writing pad to note it down. Don’t miss it! :

  • Gamla Stan(Old Town): basically from this spot you can begin your exploring journey in Stockholm. It retains its scenic and historical beauty beautifully from the 1200s. this particular area has everything that can make you happy. Great food, great see-sights, cafes, restaurants are some of the attractions of Old town.
  • Vasa Museum: The history is evident for Vasa battleship in Sweden. So this museum is 95% of that original battleship which attracts millions of tourists each year. The architect of the battleship as well as the museum is so beautiful that it has made this museum the most visited one in Sweden.
  • Djurgarden: apart from the historic beauty of Stockholm, it is known for the beauty which nature has provided to it. One of the beautiful gardens is Djurgarden where you can enjoy your summer evenings as well as a winter morning. The garden welcomes both a huge amount of tourists as well as local people.  
  • The Royal Palace: this is located very close to Gamla Stan so if you are out to explore Gamla Stan then do visit The Royal Palace also. It is the official palace of the king of Sweden. From the 18th century, it is standing tall and beautifully which has around 600 rooms and several museums which can help you get some information related to Sweden kings.
  • The City Hall: it is nestled around water which has three golden crowns which make it look drastically beautiful. It is one of the most iconic and visited halls in Stockholm that has restored all the rich culture of Sweden.

The places above are the top 5 highly rated places which you can visit in Stockholm. But these are more of starters for you. Stockholm has numerous places which you can visit and make your trip exciting.

Now just take a look on some ways by which you can maintain your budget in Stockholm:

  1. Cut down your food budget
  2. Visit free parks.
  3. Note down some names of free museum
  4. Research and get transportation passes
  5. Restrict down your alcohol consumption.

So if you have noted down all of these tips then you are totally ready to visit Stockholm. Book your tickets and enjoy your trip.


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