Google Art Project is partnering with South African National Gallery and Wit Rock Art Research Institute to launch an online art museum.

The museum will feature arts from the Giant Nature Reserve, ancient African cave paintings as well as several works by artists like Sophie Peters, Thami Mnyele and Alexia Preller.

The Art Project includes more thousands of artwork from 46 museums across the world. Virtual users can access pictures of African art work and those from other countries via

“Through the art project, we are aiming to bring local history and culture online and make it accessible,” Dr. Julie Taylor, Google’s Head of communications for Sub-saharan Africa said.

Google provides G+ integration for users to conduct virtual exploration of galleries from google maps as well as custom galleries of their own to share with friends. Art lovers are encouraged make a pilgrimage of these sites. Not only will visitors have a life-changing journey into African past, they will be helping to preserve Africa’s priceless heritage for future generations.

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