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The Ghanaian government has announced its intentions to implement a set of policies geared towards the reduction of MTN’s market share in its economy, a report says. This new decision is triggered by the degree of dominance the telecoms giant has in the Ghanaian market which has not encouraged healthy competition with other service providers. It seeks to create a level-playing ground for all telecoms operators. 

In a statement, the National Communications Authority (NCA) said that it “will in the coming days begin the implementation of specific policies to ensure a level-playing field for all network operators within the telecommunications industry.” The NCA is the regulatory body in charge of Ghana’s telecoms sector.

One of the measures the regulator would implement is to ensure that the various operator vendors are not subject to exclusionary pricing or behaviour. Also, the regulatory body would implement favourable connection rates for disadvantaged operators, while setting the floor and price ceiling on all minutes, data, text messages and mobile money. 

MTN Ghana is the leading provider of mobile telecommunications services in Ghana. Out of over 31 million people in the West African country, the company has over 17.83 million subscribers. Statistics from the NCA indicate that between January and March, MTN’s share in mobile data subscriptions accounted for almost 70 percent of the market. 

This may account for why the NCA declared MTN as significant market power. Also, this has informed its new move to come up with regulatory policies that would create a healthy competition for other operators. 

MTN Ghana leads in the delivery of a bold new Digital World to customers and to make their lives a whole lot brighter in line with its vision and mission. But with the new proposition by the government, the company is on the verge of losing some of its market shares to existing competitors like Vodafone, Glo, Airtel, Tigo, Expresso and a few other providers.

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