GBfoods, a leading global food manufacturing company, has once again demonstrated its commitment to making a positive impact in the communities it serves. Teaming up with Fundacion Elena Barraquer, a non-profit organization providing free eye surgery around the world, and Niger Foundation Hospital and Diagnostic Centre, GBfoods embarked on a remarkable mission to provide free cataract surgeries for over 400 patients in Enugu State, Nigeria. The five-day program aimed to reduce cases of cataracts, a leading cause of preventable blindness, and brought newfound hope to individuals who had been suffering from impaired vision.


The collaborative effort commenced with a thorough screening of patients to identify those afflicted by cataracts. Once identified, the patients underwent transformative surgery to restore their sight and regain their independence. The program went beyond the surgery itself, encompassing the provision of eyeglasses and post-operative medication to ensure a complete recovery.

Fundacion Elena Barraquer’s president, profoundly moved by the impact of this initiative, emphasized the significance of sight in human existence. She expressed gratitude to GB Foods for facilitating the process and raising awareness for the program. The restoration of vision is a life-changing gift that enables individuals to work, support their families, and contribute to their communities. The team at Fundacion Elena Barraquer is honoured to have been part of this initiative and expressed their hope to return for further assistance in the future.

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The beneficiaries of this remarkable medical intervention included couples, young adults, and elderly patients, many of whom had previously relied on their wards and relatives for daily activities. With the restoration of their sight, these individuals now have renewed independence, enabling them to actively participate in their families and communities.

As GBfoods continues to prioritize the well-being of communities worldwide, it stands as an example of corporate responsibility and the impact that thoughtful giving can have on people’s lives. By restoring sight and promoting good health, GBfoods contributes significantly to the sustainable development of the regions it operates in, leaving a positive legacy for generations to come.

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