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Galaxy Heroes Coin, a Binance blockchain protocol with superhero themes, has sold out its Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) collection of 2500 unique characters.

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-based NFT marketplace was made to be freely accessible to creators and projects that wish to mint cheaply and sell NFTs. The marketplace also has a filter system with several options to allow users to search for NFTs directly.

The first launch of @galaxyheroesGHC NFTs last November offered users 2500 randomly generated superheroes, followed by collections of 2500 villain NFTs, both comprising common, rare and ultra-rare NFTs.

The coin initially listed over 100 Heroes from its collection a few days after launch, auctioning the items for 1-100 BNB a piece. This was followed a few days later with GHC collections of villains. All minted collections were sold within minutes of their auction.

Users obtain these unique NFT collections through participation in auctions in the Galaxy NFT marketplace. Holders get rewarded with all listings and transaction fees in the BNB passive income market when they stake their Galaxy Heroes NFTs or Villain NFTs.

The reward potential for staking GHC NFTs varies based on the scarcity of the NFTs staked, with ultra-rares generating the highest reward outcomes.

Galaxy Heroes has also included a filter system with several options to enable anyone to search for NFT directly. When it comes to price, users have two options: high-low or low-high, with an additional filter for a minimum or maximum price in BNB.

By mid-January 2022, the Galaxy Heroes Coin NFT marketplace has continued to gain traction, drawing even more users. There are currently over 100 Heroes from the collection being auctioned from between 1 and 100 BNB.

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