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After a pretty strong surge in the popularity of dating apps in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re now seeing an equally rapid decline. User activity is no longer as high. Many have even removed dating apps from their smartphones without ever achieving their goals.

But why is this happening?

We’re going to try to figure out why classic dating is losing ground, yet at the same time another format of online dating — video chat roulette — is gaining popularity.

Top 5 reasons why users uninstall dating apps

Of course, there are many more reasons than just five. However, we want to focus on the most significant and decisive ones. These are:

  1. Ghosting. This is the phenomenon where the person on the other side simply stops responding to your messages and attempts to continue communication. They just seem to disappear. This behaviour causes a whole storm of negative emotions and insecurity about what went wrong. You start gazing into yourself, looking for the cause, but you don’t find it. It’s disappointing.
  2. Lots of fake profiles. There are many fakes on the internet, that’s a fact. And on dating sites and apps, the number is simply huge. Some create fake pages to hide from friends or family. Some are just having fun. While the worst is hiding behind a fake page to engage in fraud.
  3. Fruitless dating. Unfortunately, experience shows that not all dating apps lead to anything. At first, communication can be very active and interesting, but over time it seems to “fade away” and eventually stops completely. And so on, over and over again.
  4. Failure to meet expectations. Many new users of dating apps have much too optimistic expectations, relying on advertisements and online dating success stories. But the reality is that the algorithms used by these services are still imperfect and often wrong. Over and over again, you start to get acquainted with people who simply do not suit you. You’re wasting your time. This leads to the next point.
  5. Too much time wasted. Millions of people around the world spend 1-2 hours every day or even more on dating apps. That’s a lot! Eventually, the realization comes that you are simply wasting valuable time that you could spend on something more interesting and fulfilling.

However, that doesn’t mean that online dating doesn’t work at all. On the contrary, it can work very well, you just need to choose the right approach. That’s exactly what we want to talk about next!

Chat roulette: a great choice for time-poor people looking for new acquaintances

The choice of chat roulette apps today is simply huge. But the basic principle of most of them is the same. The system connects you with a random person, allowing you to chat on almost any topic. Some people just use them as a way to have fun. Some are looking for like-minded people and making new friends. Meanwhile, some even quite successfully manage to find their true love in chat roulette. Everything depends solely on your aims.

In 2009, the chat roulette trend was introduced by the Chatroulette website. At that time, there was nothing like this on the web, and therefore the platform instantly gained popularity. In the first months of operation, Chatroulette’s daily number of users often reached two million. Interest in the platform subsided a little in time, and a lot of alternatives to Chatroulette appeared. Most of them turned out to be even more usable and convenient.

We’d like to recommend five video chat roulettes you should try!

  • Chatous — mobile chat roulette for iOS and Android that offers several interesting features: search for chat partners by interests using hashtags, the ability to send media files via the built-in messenger and film short six-second videos.
  • CooMeet — a very functional free Chatroulette, the main advantage of which is an unbeatable gender filter. CooMeet only connects men with girls and is never wrong. The service also has mobile apps for iOS and Android, a built-in message translator, an equivalent of Instagram Stories, and its affiliate program.
  • Chatrandom — popular chat roulette where you can not just chat face-to-face, but also visit themed chat rooms with many participants. Search for chat partners by interests, as well as gender and geographic filters are available. There’s also a separate video chat with girls, but only for premium users.
  • PUM — a pretty simple video chat where you can use gender and geographic filters. By and large, this is where PUM’s functionality ends. But let’s be honest, for most users, this is quite enough for convenient dating and communication.
  • Bazoocam — a pretty old but still popular chat roulette with basic functionality. Of its interesting features, one that truly stands out is a set of built-in online mini-games that you can play with other participants to make communication more diverse. Bazoocam also offers its own 18+ video streaming platform.

Of course, there are many alternatives you can consider. We’ve named only the most popular chat roulettes with large and active audiences. But you will always have a much wider choice. So try those you like the look of, experiment and discover the perfect video chat for yourself!


It is not so important what kind of online dating format you choose for yourself. The main thing is that you like it and it gives results. Dating sites and apps can be effective, and no one denies that. But they may not give any results — this is also possible. Same with chat roulettes! Someone very quickly meets a person here with whom they begin a relationship. And some just communicate with strangers and does not set a goal to find their love.

The only difference is that in video chat roulettes the whole process of dating is much faster and in most cases more convenient. After all, you are talking via video, you see a person in front of you and interact almost like in real life. This is exactly what bribes millions of people around the world. We are sure you will like it too!

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