2015 has just arrived and this is the time when people all over the world buy gift items from online shops for their near and dear ones. Ecommerce business owners wait for this period of the year as it helps them sale merchandise worth thousands of dollars. Ecommerce has come a long way in the past 10 years. Now web developers understand customers’ expectations and create the website layout accordingly.  However, if you pay close attention to online commerce, you will find that some big players like Amazon and EBay dominates this market. What makes them so special? These sites have crafted the layout and necessary features in a user friendly manner to maximize revenue generation.  If your ecommerce website is not satisfying the visitors and conversion rate is low, then here are some ecommerce web design guidelines for you.

Keep the design clean: Clean design means clutter free design. When a potential buyer lands on the homepage, he should be able to see exactly what you sell. The layout should focus on the products and display large product images to ensure the buyers that they have come to the right site.

Use product videos: It is always easier to explain the usage and benefits of a product through a video. Therefore, create and embed short product videos in the products pages. Optimize the videos before loading so that page size and loading time does not increase much.

Post promotions on homepage: One of the biggest reasons for buying online is getting impressive discounts. Use bold fonts to write the discount offer and highlight the offer area using a bright colour. As soon as visitors come to the homepage, they should be able to see the offers.

Effective navigation: The navigation paths need to be well organized and breadcrumbs should be provided to help users go from one page to another effortlessly. Keep the products under right product category and try to design a drop down menu. There must be a search tool in the website to help buyers find the right product within a few seconds.

Recommend products: It is important to keep the returning customers happy because they have already shown interest in your offerings. Therefore, near the footer area of the website, you can keep a “recommended products” section for the loyal customers. By keeping track of their purchases, you can show the products that they might like and increase transactions.

Clear pricing and shipping details: Make sure that pricing and shipping details are clearly mentioned on each product page. Customers hate hidden costs and if you show “$10 shipping charge” at the time of final payment, they will simply leave your site. Whether you offer “free shipping” or charge a certain amount of money for product delivery, it should be mentioned in the product page. Give customers the freedom to take an informed decision.

Pay attention to add to cart button: It is crucial to design an attractive call to action button. Make the button large, use a bright colour and write the “buy now” or “add to cart” message on the button, not beside it. Visitors should have a clear idea of the purpose of this button.

Clever checkout page design: Think like a buyer and you will be able to create a user friendly checkout page. If you read customer reviews in various ecommerce sites, you will discover that most of the customers are somehow confused with the checkout process. Therefore, learn from the mistakes of other merchants and create a checkout process that can be completed by teenagers as well. Let customers sign in using their social media profiles, keep the shipping details form brief and offer multiple payment options to make the entire shopping experience enjoyable.

Follow the tips mentioned above while creating the ecommerce website and customers will love your site.

By Christopher Patterson

Christopher is an ecommerce web designer and passionate blogger. He also writes reviews on new web design tools. You can find some of his other articles by clicking here.

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