D!NK Multimedia PLC and Gebeya Inc. are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership to reshape the landscape of talent management and multimedia services in Ethiopia and across Africa. This collaboration brings together two innovative companies at the forefront of their respective industries, leveraging their unique strengths to drive mutual growth and success.

D!NK Multimedia PLC, known for its iconic D!NK TV platform and diverse multimedia services, has long been a pioneer in youth-centric entertainment and content creation. With a deep understanding of global youth interests, D!NK TV has transcended traditional media labels, offering a vibrant mix of music, reality shows, documentaries, scripted programming, and now, talent management.

Gebeya, the leading Pan-African Talent Cloud provider, has been instrumental in connecting skilled professionals with opportunities in the rapidly evolving tech industry. From its roots in EdTech, a talent marketplace to the launch of Gebeya Talent Cloud (G-TC) technology, Gebeya has been committed to revolutionizing how the world connects with talent, particularly from Africa.

Through this partnership, D!NK Multimedia PLC will integrate Gebeya’s Talent Cloud (G-TC) technology into its talent management infrastructure, enhancing its capacity to efficiently manage and connect with a diverse pool of media and entertainment professionals. In return, Gebeya will gain preferential access to D!NK’s suite of multimedia services and access to D!NK’s extensive youth network and D!NK TV platform. “We are happy to partner with Gebeya to enhance our talent management and multimedia services further,” said Metasebia Yoseph, CEO of D!NK Multimedia PLC. “This collaboration will enable us to leverage Gebeya’s technological expertise to enhance our talent acquisition and management capabilities while providing Gebeya access to our multimedia services and youth network.”

“This partnership marks an exciting new chapter for Gebeya,” said Amadou Daffe, CEO of Gebeya. By joining forces with D!NK, we can expand our technology and expertise from our usual “tech talent” ecosystem and branch out to a new category of talent in the multimedia and entertainment industry. D!NK with broad expertise in multimedia content creation and youth engagement, is a perfect partner to start this journey with.” Together, D!NK Multimedia PLC and Gebeya are poised to transform how talent is managed and showcased in Africa, creating new opportunities for collaboration and innovation in the media, entertainment, and tech industries.

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