More brands continue to open up to producing eco-friendly designs and in the process, help provide jobs, skills and awareness for communities around the world.

Della is an ethical fashion label that produces fashion accesories made by women in Ghana. The label is driven by awareness of the need for a global market that provides socially-responsible, quality products.  The Los Angeles based label works directly with the village of Hohoe in Ghana to provide jobs, education and skills training to their employees.

Della’s philosophy is based on this age-old saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Our goal is to empower our partners so that they will one day take the education and skills training Della has provided them with and turn them into a lasting, better way of life.”

After returning from a trip to Ghana, former fashion stylist- Tina Tangalakis made a lifelong decision to help change the livelihood of local women in Ghana.  “We produce a growing line of accessories that literally “Carry Change” – all of our products are made of completely vegan and sustainable materials, and are carefully handcrafted by a seamstresses working in the village of Hohoe.”

Della partnered with top international stores such as Nordstrom, Free People and recently, Apple to encourage people to empower the women and  community of Hohoe while shopping.

Della MacBook cases are scheduled to be released in the Apple stores on July 10th 2012. This is a big deal and an exciting and encouraging news for Della and other brands making a difference in different parts of Africa.

Check out some of the MacBook cases below, exclusively for Apple:

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