Not knowing the best service providers in a particular industry remains a big problem for most African consumers. People are often stuck with the terrible products and services because they are not sure of which is better.

For example Onyeama, a proprietor of a small cyber café in Ikeja subscribed to IPNX  after seeing their colourful adverts. After a while, he became frustrated with the fluctuating ‘network’ and started losing customers as a result. “A 3G service provider is 10 times better than their so called Fibre Optics Service”, he remarked.

Click n Compare, a South African based service comparison website, has debuted its online shops in Nigeria and Kenya in order to help consumers compare and get the best available services. It is expected to be a one-stop portal for African consumers who are looking to source services such as insurance, mobile, broadband, and banking. They say that their services will also help consumers save time and money with through side-by-side comparisons. The service comparison website is fully funded by Silvertree Capital, a venture builder that incubates and invests into tech-related businesses targeting African consumers.

Ryan Marx, Co-Founder and CEO of Click n Compare said ​“CNC’s unique value proposition is the fact that we have positioned ourselves directly between the consumer and provider in a way that is mutually beneficial to both parties.”

In order to strengthen its expansion into Nigeria, the Click n Compare Group recently added Bastian Gotter, the co-founder of Nigeria based iROKO and Leonard Stiegeler, General Manager of Ringier (West Africa) to the advisor Board. It has also successfully acquired Nigeria’s leading insurance comparison platform

Bastian Gotter is quite optimistic about Click n Compare’s move to Nigeria “Click n Compare has made considerable advances in the online price comparison market in South Africa. With their proven track record, and their expertise in the sector, we very much hope they can take onto its next phase as a leading Nigerian insurance comparison platform.”

Click and compare is confident in taking Nigeria and Kenya by storm with all the lessons learned in the South African market. If it does truly catch on, this website could help Nigerians and Kenyans make informed decision as to which service works best without having to ask different people.

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