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The Challenge Fund for Youth Employment (CFYE) has opened a Call for Solutions in Nigeria. We invite all private companies with ideas for projects that fit within our two windows, digital skills and technical craftsmanship, to present proposals for co-funding from CFYE. All projects should result in decent employment for at least 500 young people (aged 15 to 35), especially young women. CFYE is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by Palladium, in partnership with VSO and Randstad.

Do you want to invest in projects that match, create, improve, or sustain decent employment for young people (aged 18-35), especially young women? Replay our webinar, go through our digital eligibility check, and be in touch!

Find more general information about the Challenge Fund for Youth Employment here, directly go to the dedicated page for the Nigeria call or read the Nigeria Scoping Highlights Report for more details. If you have any questions regarding this process we kindly ask you to contact us at

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More information on the Windows:

Window 1: CFYE is calling for innovative and demand-driven projects from either private sector organizations or private sector-led consortia that take on their unmet demand for qualified digitally skilled staff. Bridging the digital skills gap, especially for young women who are particularly affected by the digital divide, will increase youth’s prospects for a sustainable, resilient career based on unmet labour demand and a universally relevant skillset that allows them to easily switch between sectors or even employment versus self-employment.

Window 2: CFYE is calling for innovative and demand-driven technical craftsmanship projects from either private sector organizations or private sector-led consortia that fulfil unmet demand for qualified technical craftspeople. Bridging the technical skills gap in combination with effective matching will allow youth, especially for young women, to capitalize on the existing demand for technically skilled workers.

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