Castor Networks a leading provider of Teleport and VSAT services had acquired Telstream Telecoms, a premier provider of satellite communications solutions throughout Africa, for an undisclosed amount, it emerged on Friday.

A part of the deal, Castor Networks, which has been operating in South Africa since 2008, will merge two local offices in Johannesburg. The combined firm will improve the range of services available to existing and prospective customers.

Telstream Telecoms’ customers will benefit from the integrated support, large team of experts and high quality internet by dealing directly with the company that operates one of the major Teleports in Europe, it was announced on Friday.

The merged company will be better positioned to win and support large tenders, especially in the mining sector in which both Castor and Telstream have extensive experience. Telstream Telecoms has been providing satellite communication solutions to businesses and organizations throughout Sub-Saharan Africa for the past 14 years. Castor operates the well-known Burum Teleport in the Netherlands enabling it to offer a wide range of services and access to many satellites.

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