A new tech business, BuyRight Africa Dotcom, is launching today- May 7, 2012. The digital launch, which entails unveiling its official website www.buyrightafrica.com, will give an opportunity to the first 50 visitors to win prizes such as mini Laptops.

BuyRight Africa Dotcom is the first of its kind in Africa and comes with the promise of providing partnership opportunities for existing and future Information Communication Technology (ICT) firms in resolving funding issues relating to ICT projects, ICT equipment ownership scheme and reduction of total cost of ownership etc. with payment options spread across three years.

BuyRight Africa, is partnering with strong International Finance group as well as international and local ICT companies to fund and deliver major ICT projects in the public and private sectors. This will help Africans enjoy the benefits of emerging technologies.

The new technology dynamo also promises to strengthen technology that would allow citizens; governments and businesses compete favourably with other strong economies of the world.

“Our company is here to resolve ICT solutions delivery issues.” Says the Managing Director of Buyright Africa, Mukoro Emomine.

“We are staking the reputation of the owners and our partners to make big ICT deals happen on this continent, starting with Nigeria. Our experience confirms that the bane of technology development in Africa, mostly in Nigeria, is under funding and high interest rate,” he added.

Mukoro Enomine is a technology guru who has once served as the Managing Director of Zinox Technologies Limited.

Enomine said most ICT firms, which are issued LPOs are unable to deliver, due to high interest charged by banks and financial institutions. BuyRight plans to intervene by enabling such companies leverage on her connections with international and few local equipment manufactures to make sure their projects are comprehensively delivered within agreed timelines.
“ One of our many mandates is also to work with manufacturers to reduce the TCO of ICT equipment in Africa ranging from Computers/Printers/Scanners/Projectors, Software Applications, VSAT equipment, and other lifestyle digital equipment and provide different payment options to encourage usage.” He said.

The company is also launching in strategic partnership with global technology brands such as Dell, HP, Dell, Samsung, Toshiba, Cisco, Zinox, APC, Mercury, and Microsoft.
BuyRight is targeting the educational sector to encourage willing secondary and tertiary institutions to own world-class ICT facilities for staff and students with structured payment scheme that could last up to 3years.

BuyRight Africa is expected to launch its other divisions before the end of the third quarter of 2013. In addition, the company is presently developing facilities across three geo political regions in Nigeria to guarantee effective operations.

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