In today’s world, environmental sustainability has become an increasingly critical consideration as every industry strives to reduce its carbon footprint. Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services are no exception. There has been a growing concern in recent years about the impact of industrial activities on the environment. Steel fabrication especially is an essential part of modern construction, yet it is also a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, steel engineering companies have begun taking steps to become more environmentally friendly in their operations, whilst delivering high-quality products and services to clients.

Dorman Long Engineering Limited (Dorman Long), a leading indigenous oilfield equipment, structural steel, marine structures engineering, and fabrication company, has continuously showcased its dedication to providing eco-friendly engineering-based services and products to clients in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. With a commitment to reducing carbon emissions at the core of its operations, Dorman Long has implemented environmentally-friendly measures across its operations. From investing in renewable energy to prioritizing the use of locally sourced materials, Dorman Long has undergone a proactive approach to reducing its environmental impact by employing measures to conserve resources, minimise pollution, reduce waste, and promote circularity.

Here are ways in which Dorman Long is leading the charge towards eco-friendly operations:

Sustainability in Production

Dorman Long is committed to reducing its environmental footprint through a multi-faceted approach that includes the use of eco-friendly materials, upgrading equipment, improving processes, and fostering partnerships. The company prioritizes the use of eco-friendly and sustainable materials throughout its production process and product designs. For example, they incorporate metal materials as substitutes for plastic wherever feasible and opt for recycled metals and local steel. According to the Steel Recycling Institute, recycling one ton of steel conserves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal, and 120 pounds of limestone. Through its material substitution process, Dorman Long reduces the demand for virgin materials and minimizes the environmental impact associated with their extraction and processing.

The company is also investing in state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, including the latest technologies that minimize energy consumption without compromising quality. They have retrofitted old cranes from an asynchronous electric motor to a synchronous one that runs through Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). Retrofitting equipment with energy-efficient technology significantly reduces energy consumption, which translates to decreased greenhouse gas emissions and a lower carbon footprint. This also helps to conserve natural resources and reduce the environmental impact of the company’s operations. Dorman Long engineers and fabricators undergo regular training to enhance their skills in sustainable manufacturing practices. This includes techniques such as lean manufacturing, which focuses on eliminating unnecessary steps, reducing material waste, and improving overall efficiency.

Furthermore, the company actively collaborates with industry partners and organizations to stay updated on the latest advancements in eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing processes. Suppliers and subcontractors are subjected to HSE capability assessments before registering and onboarding to ensure their practices align with Dorman Long’s sustainability goals. Through collaboration, the company contributes to developing innovative solutions and driving meaningful change. The goal is to inspire others to prioritize sustainability and work towards a carbon-neutral future.

Investment in Clean Energy

Sequel to a comprehensive assessment of its energy consumption patterns, Dorman Long, in a bid to optimize energy efficiency throughout its operations, implemented energy reduction initiatives to reduce its overall energy demand. The company invested in renewable energy installations to help generate clean energy, reduce its dependence on diesel, and lower its greenhouse gas emissions. They have also continuously explored innovative technologies and processes to further improve their environmental performance. This includes researching and adopting advanced materials and manufacturing techniques that require less energy and emit fewer pollutants, such as exploring low-carbon fabrication processes.

Dorman Long has also established clear sustainability goals and targets to ensure its commitment to renewable energy remains strong. The team regularly monitors and reports progress towards these goals, ensuring transparency and accountability. Through these efforts, they showcase their commitment to reducing their environmental impact, supporting the energy transition and driving a sustainable future.

Proper Waste Management

Dorman Long showcases its commitment to minimizing waste generation through a holistic approach encompassing corporate and collaborative efforts with stakeholders. Recognizing the importance of waste management in promoting a sustainable and circular economy, Dorman Long implemented internal initiatives to minimize waste generation by optimizing its production processes and adopting lean production principles. It employs advanced technologies and techniques to reduce material waste, including precise cutting and shaping methods and implementing design improvements that reduce the overall material requirements for each project.

Dorman Long also established a recycling and reuse culture within its facility. This involves the segregation and proper disposal of different types of waste such as scrap metal, plastic, paper, and other recyclable materials. Their team works closely with specialized government-approved companies to ensure that these materials are properly disposed of, processed, or reintroduced into the production cycle as the need arises.

In addition, the company encourages employee involvement in identifying opportunities to reduce waste generation. Regular audits and assessments identify areas where improvements can be made, whether by streamlining processes, optimizing equipment usage or implementing new technologies. They also actively collaborate with suppliers and clients to promote sustainable practices by encouraging the adoption of environmentally-friendly packaging and delivery methods.

Internal Environmental Awareness Creation

Dorman Long believes that fostering a galvanized internal workforce is crucial for driving responsible environmental practices within the company and beyond. In this wise, it established a periodic environmental training program for all employees. Through this program, it educates its workforce about the importance of ecological conservation, the potential impact of industrial activities and the best practices to mitigate their environmental footprint. Their training covers various topics including energy efficiency, waste management, water conservation and air pollution control.

Dorman Long has also implemented a health, safety and environment recognition system to reward employees, teams and departments who demonstrate exceptional dedication to environmental responsibility. Dorman Long has an open-door policy where employees can share their ideas, concerns or observations related to sustainability. This helps the company identify areas for improvement, strengthen employee engagement, and foster a sense of ownership over environmental initiatives. By empowering its employees to become environmental advocates, they aim to create a lasting positive impact on the environment and their local communities.

Green Areas and Green Entrepreneurship Support

Dorman Long maintains green areas within its premises which provide various environmental benefits such as air purification, carbon sequestration and soil conservation. This initiative contributes to environmental conservation efforts and helps reduce the company’s environmental footprint. Dorman Long also supports green entrepreneurs by granting free access to spaces in the facility. Two green entrepreneurs have been given the fence perimeter setback in front of Dorman Long’s facility at Agege to support their flower planting and artistic businesses. The display of horticultural plants and artworks improves the scenery and helps the entrepreneurs develop and grow their businesses. By supporting those developing environmentally friendly solutions, Dorman Long contributes to the growth of a green economy, mitigates the impact of climate change and creates a more sustainable future.

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