ELTON PLAATJES – Development Economist @elaplaat
Born on the Cape Flats, Elton Plaatjes as a child was raised in various places throughout South Africa. He is an optimistic pragmatist; with a simple view and belief that tomorrow may turn out better than today – with a little more effort. Elton’s passion in the IMF and World Bank has led to a fundamental and deep understanding of economics and technical aspects related to Supply Shocks, Real Rigidities, Food Security and Human Rights, Interest Rates and their impact for emerging economies. More significant is Elton’s belief and dedication to serving others as a fundamental leadership & character trait. No life can be changed without serving the interests of your fellow human being – first. Mostly, Elton aims to one day prove that the application of development economics is the lever to effect sustained change and growth.
Elton has a BBA and is researching programs to undertake a Masters in Development Finance in 2013. In addition Elton has been trained by The International Labour Organisation (ILO – Entrepreneurial and Social Entrepreneurship), InWent (Germany), SABRAE (Brazil) and Business Skills South Africa (BSSA) and also holds certifications in Technology.

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