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ITW Africa 2023 (, the continent's premier digital infrastructure event, has successfully concluded, leaving a significant impact on the industry and paving the way for a future of connectivity and innovation across Africa.

This year's event, held in the bustling metropolis of Nairobi, brought together over 800 delegates from over 55 countries, exceeding expectations and solidifying ITW Africa's reputation as a vital hub for the industry.

Key Event Highlights:

Global Participation: Over 800 attendees from 59 countries, showcasing the event's truly international reach.

Industry Leadership: More than 350 leading companies and organisations showcased their latest technologies, services, and solutions.

Networking Powerhouse: Thousands of pre-scheduled and spontaneous on-site meetings, fostering countless new partnerships and collaborations.

Influential Voices: 90+ esteemed speakers and thought leaders who shared profound insights into the industry's future.

Lucenildo Lins, CTO of Angola Cables, emphasized the industry's positive trajectory, stating, “We have increased our revenues with open topology, with the new cables we will increase revenues,” underlining the event's forward-looking focus.

Ronald Philip, Senior Director at Agility Data Center Campuses, touched on the intricacies of infrastructure development, stating, “Land acquisition can be unpredictably long, and if the clock is ticking that can be a challenge… You need to have many horses running the race,” highlighting the multifaceted nature of telecom growth.

David Eurin, CEO of Liquid Dataport, Liquid Intelligent Technologies, spoke to the industry's adaptability, saying, “We are one of the largest distributors of Microsoft services across Africa. People find a way to use the cloud. We wish the connectivity issue can be solved, and we are always looking for new technologies to help us, such as LEOsat.”

Beyond the knowledge exchange, ITW Africa 2023 fostered invaluable networking opportunities, with connections made poised to drive future innovations and partnerships that will accelerate the telecom sector's growth.

As ITW Africa 2023 came to a close, the overriding message was clear: Africa's connectivity sector is poised for unprecedented growth, driven by innovation, collaboration, and a collective dedication to connectivity excellence.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of ITW Africa.

Press Contact:
Rosie Carr
Event Marketing Manager
[email protected]

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