In order to offer a more efficient Internet services and combat the expected “data tsunami,” Kenya’s leading telecom operator, Safaricom, is planing to lay fibre optic cable networks.

Given the explosion of the Internet-ready cum hand-held devices in Kenya, Safaricom expects a rise in demand of data service. “The data tsunami will come and it will come in maybe 12 months or 18 months from now,” Bob Collymore, Kenya’s Safaricom CEO told Reuters Africa Economic Summit.

Safaricom, which controls 5 million data users and 17 Mobile phone subscribers of the Kenya 40 million population is currently relying on other carriers that have their own fibre network.

Collymore sees Kenya as a possible I.T hub for the entire continent because of its well-educated workforce and investments by private equity firms. “Kenya sits head and shoulder above. We just need to get a few things right and these things are more¬†environmental¬†and we can easily become the hub, not just of East Africa but of Sub-saharan Africa,” Collymore said.

The company also plan to improve on its mobile money base transfer after it upgrades the system platform.

Image via Reuters

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