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Andersen Global has expanded to Mauritius through a collaboration agreement with ATax Advisors Limited (ATax), a tax and advisory firm on the island nation. With this, the global firm extends its presence in Africa to 15 countries.

ATax has provided clients with a range of accounting, tax, payroll, outsourcing, and business advisory services for the past 15 years in Mauritius. With the country well known as the gateway into India and Asia as well as Africa, the firm serves international clients with needs around the globe with specific expertise on African and Asian clients.

“The ATax professionals are a premier team in Mauritius and there are many opportunities with this collaboration. Ben (one of ATax founders) has roots in the Andersen family, and because of that, values such as transparency, seamlessness, and stewardship run deep,” Mark Vorsatz, Andersen Global Chairman, said. “Our momentum in the region is growing, and we will have the very best anchoring us in this important market in Africa.”

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