Alcatel-Lucent and Ooredoo Algeria, a subsidiary of Ooredoo group, have built a high-capacity optical transport network to connect Algeria’s main cities of Algiers, Constantine and Oran. The high-speed ultra-broadband will also cut across smaller cities.

This capacity switch is to address the booming demand for high-bandwidth mobile data services such as high-definition video streaming, next-generation mobile broadband applications and cloud services. It will provide improved services to residential and business customers on their smartphones, tablets and other connected devices.

“Thanks to 400G and the efficiency of OTN sub-wavelength grooming, Ooredoo Algeria’s new network will support the booming explosion of data traffic generated by the proliferation of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets and do so in the most economical way,” said Pierre Chaume, Vice-President, Alcatel-Lucent Middle East & North Africa.

The Agile Optical Network which is Africa’s first Alcatel-Lucent 400G, will be fully operational before the end of 2014. Network capacity and performance will take advantage of unique Bell Labs silicon innovations to support data speeds of 400 gigabits-per-second on each of the 88 wavelengths.

Chaume expressed Alcatel’s pride at the partnership with Ooredoo. He assured that Alcatel will work towards enabling Ooredoo Algeria to be the first service provider to deploy high quality service solution in Africa.

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