The Chairman of the Air Peace Airlines, Allen Onyema has announced the conclusion of plans to operate the Ibadan route via direct flights linking Ibadan to Abuja, Kano, and Owerri.

“This is part of our no-city-left-behind initiative and our plan to interconnect various cities of Nigeria, giving our esteemed customers more seamless connections,” said Onyema.

He disclosed the new development at the University of Ibadan’s Alumni Association Luncheon and Awards, saying that its opening in Ibadan is a great achievement connecting flights from the largest city to other parts of the country by air.

Onyema assured the public that very soon, it will commence its operations. “Very soon, we shall start flying Abuja-Ibadan-Abuja daily, Kano-Ibadan-Kano and Owerri-Ibadan-Owerri three times a week.”

It will be recalled that last month, the airline announced the commencement of Kano-Owerri-Kano flights. Hence, the mantra has expanded to other cities with its evolvement.

Talking about the propensity of Nigeria’s airways, Onyema has proved his steadfastness to bring back alive the need to fly within and outside the country from every route.

In Nigeria, the demand for air transport services has been on the increase within the past three decades. Forecasting air passenger demand is of great importance for future developmental planning and management purposes.

As future air passenger demand increases, so does the need for investment in aviation. Identifying such investment opportunities helps businesses understand the factors affecting airline transportation as well as maximize opportunities that come with passenger growth, thereby increasing profitability.

Onyema’s initiatives have helped to contribute to job creation, peace missions, and philanthropy in Nigeria

By: Ahmed Iyanda

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