This past Sunday, the Landmark Event Centre in Victoria Island, Lagos hosted Africa’s largest fitness festival, FitFam Fest, where fitness enthusiasts of all ages, and acclaimed fitness instructors converged to enjoy a day entirely dedicated to celebrating the journey towards a fit, healthy lifestyle. The festival featured a wide array of fitness exhibitions, speakers, conference sessions, as well as healthy food vendors and nutrition chefs.


For FitFam Fest – the first event of its kind in Nigeria and Africa – the aim involved promoting health and fitness across the continent, getting people to share their journey towards their goals with like minds, and learn new ways to reach fitness and health goals faster and better. In the same vein, the event is determined to make Lagos State Africa’s fitness capital, just as it provided professionals in the industry with the opportunity to expand their network and grow their market.

The atmosphere throughout the different stands, tents, and corners of the venue was infectiously energetic, as everyone appeared physically and mentally prepared, and various activities took off. From the aerobics and fitness dance sessions and more inside of the hall, to the several sporting activities which took place on the beach outside, such as the Ultimate Frisbee competition and the obstacle courses, as well as in the Landmark car park.


These activities were anchored by celebrity fitness trainers and coaches including Maje Ayida (and the HIIT Squad), Farida Sanusi (the creator of ICSPIN Club), Ezinne (Britain’s Got Talent), Atarhe (TXFIT Houston), amongst many more outstanding fitness and wellness instructors.

And although the healthy food vendors were practically static, their presence, with all of the healthy and delicious-looking food items they had on display, definitely contributed to the vibrancy at the venue. Particularly for those passionate about nutrition, or good food in general. A nutrition masterclass hosted by Tolu Eros (Founder of Cookie Jar, Eros, and Gourmet) and Somkele Iyamah (Actress, Model, and food enthusiast) was also provided for the foodists in attendance.


It was indeed “healthy fun for everyone”, as children also got to join in the fun and excitement with their “Kids Arena”, even though they freely partook in all of the other fitness activities with their parents. However, the festival did not promote the significance of a healthy lifestyle from just one angle. Participants were encouraged to bring old sportswear to donate to charity, making the event beneficial to all on multiple levels.

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