Conversations around fintech in Africa are incomplete without exploring fintech policy and regulation on the continent. As such, a deep dive into the regulatory frameworks for growth is one of the top priorities at #AFTSCapeTown2022. The event is set to take place from November 2nd-4th, 2022, at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC)

Chairing these conversations around Fintech Regulation in Africa are some of the most experienced names in the field in government agencies and industry associations including the South African government, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC), the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA), the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA), Bankers Association of South Africa (BASA) and more.


Several other leading fintech stakeholders are expected to drive the discussions at the summit. Speakers and panellists will include Tosin Eniolorunda, Founder and CEO, Team Apt; Shola Akinlade, Co-Founder and CEO, Paystack; Wiza Jalakasi, VP Merchant Business at Chipper Cash; Djiba Diallo, Senior Fintech Advisor, Ecobank; Miranda Perumal, Senior Director, Head of Digital Partnerships, Fintech, and Ventures, sub-Saharan Africa, Visa; Andres Perez and Lavina Ramkissoon, Co-Founders, Fintech Association of South Africa; Ghita Erling, CEO, Payments Association of South Africa, Clayton Howard, CEO of Ukheshe, and more.


The regulation-focused conversations lined up for #AFTSCapeTown2022 are in keeping with our long-standing resolve to facilitate policy guideline creation, as demonstrated by engagements at previous summits, including the one that was held at #AFTSCairo2021. It saw delegates from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Egypt’s Central Banks meet to discuss building a more collaborative Pan-African fintech regulatory framework. Consequently, at #AFTSCapeTown2022, policymakers and regulators will lead conversations alongside fintech innovators, banks, telcos, venture capital firms, global tech companies, startup accelerators, and more.

It is noteworthy that while there are enabling factors for fintech growth in Africa, several variables are stifling the industry’s progress. One such factor is a limiting regulatory landscape. Fintechs face issues from regulators ranging from clampdowns on specific sub-sectors, such as cryptocurrency trading, to extended timeframes for license issuance and complex license approval processes.  

Although financial services providers often attempt to work around several suppressing regulations by forming strategic partnerships with licensed organizations in target markets such as mobile network operators and banks, they require more enabling laws to live out their potential and drive measurable impact.

Admittedly, many African markets are seeing the development of more enabling regulatory environments through the introduction of fintech sandboxes, less restrictive regulations for cryptocurrency and blockchain-based solutions, and more openness to granting licenses. However, policymakers can still work to ensure that regulations evolve alongside changes in the fintech sector and promote predictable regulatory changes. Fintechs will also have to partner with regulators to help them keep pace with the industry and work to be regulatory compliant by doing their due diligence.


Driving the efforts mentioned above for both fintechs and regulators is one of the key objectives of the upcoming Africa Fintech Summit. We are confident that the way forward for African fintechs operating across borders is to be regulatory compliant, and because we know that the rules are always changing, we have built extensive relationships with regulators to chair the conversation on regulatory frameworks for growth at #AFTSCapeTown2022.

Focused on the theme “The Africanization of Global Fintech,” the summit will also delve into the legitimization of Africa fintech as a global asset class, the influence of the expansion of African fintech companies beyond the continent on the global fintech space, and the flow of talent in both directions. Other topical issues to be examined include cross-border payment and remittance, mobile money and interoperability, intra-Africa trade, corporate venture capital, and more.


Engagements shaped to drive ecosystem-building conversations and deepen collaboration have been designed for #AFTSCapeTown2022 including insightful plenary sessions, keynote addresses, networking opportunities, startup exhibitions, an ecosystem tour, and the 2022 AlphaExpo Micro Accelerator Pitch Competition. Join other innovators, regulators, and fintech stakeholders to explore the way forward for growth-enabling regulatory frameworks from policymakers and fintech compliance in Africa. Get tickets to #AFTSCapeTown2022 by visiting our official website:

About Africa Fintech Summit

AFTS is the premier global initiative dedicated to the African fintech ecosystem. AFTS is traditionally hosted in Washington, D.C., each April during the World Bank/IFC annual meeting week and in a different African city each November (most recently Lagos, Addis Ababa and Cairo). The summit is being held in a hybrid format, in person, and with global live virtual delegates. The November 2022 summit will take place in Cape Town, South Africa.

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