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Nigerian FinTech company, AellaCare and leading insurance enterprise Hygeia have partnered to provide inclusive health insurance to millions of people in West Africa. 

AellaCare in a statement explained that despite efforts from African governments to increase public expenditure on health, financing is still a major constraint to achieving effective health service delivery.

Furthermore, the statement cited scarce public resources and limited health infrastructure as issues that have led to unavailable health delivery to Africans in the lower class of society.

It was revealed that about 95 percent of Nigerian adults do not have insurance coverage and 77.2 percent of the nation’s population had no understanding of what insurance entails.

It also emphasized that traditional financial institutions have been unable to contribute financial services to these individuals because they didn’t meet their minimum profitable threshold.

This is why AellaCare will be bridging the gap between people and health care services with relatively affordable health insurance coverage for as low as N2,000 per month. 

In a bid to make the services accessible and more market-friendly, customers can also get insurance plans on credit via the Aella app, which guarantees tailored financial plans, the flexibility of payments and better-improved healthcare access.

Additionally, people can seek and receive needed health services such as General Consultations, Pharmacy Benefits, Ante-Natal Care & Delivery services, Accidents and Emergencies, Surgeries, Outpatient and Specialist Consultations, HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment, Dental Care, Prescription Glasses, Family Planning Services among others.

The acquisition of health insurance and foresight is hardly considered a priority by many Africans; especially lower-income earners due to an unending list of financial demands coupled with poor education.

However, collaborations of this kind create an opportunity for them to realign their priorities while taking health more seriously by capitalizing on affordable health coverage and packages.

 “At the heart of our mission at Hygeia HMO is the provision of affordable access to quality healthcare. Access to quality and affordable care shouldn’t be a luxury and this partnership with Aella allows us to scale the provision of healthcare services to millions of Nigerians and West Africans,’’ said Hygeia HMO CEO, Obinnia Abajue.

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