Borders Within: The Trans-Nigerian project has been on the road for over five weeks, visiting the various states in Nigeria. Over the past weeks, participants have travelled through the Western, Eastern and Northern regions of the country.

The team consists of photographers, writers and filmmakers who aim to document the beauty of diversity in Nigeria. The nine participants hope to map out diversity across states, regions and ethnicities, through several Nigerian cities and towns, whose history shaped and continues to shape a contemporary Nigerian identity.

Ventures Africa has compiled 15 most striking images from the Trans-Nigerian project.

Participants of the Border Within project
The statue of Mary Slessor, the Scottish missionary who was responsible for the abolition of the killing of twins in Nigeria
Oldąunni Oloşun Keşinro. A devout worshipper of Osun at the Osogbo Grove. She said: “This attire on my head is sacred; when people see me wearing this red feather they know I’m an Oloşun.


Can you feel a story?
The boys lingered in the background but the girls; the girls were unafraid and curious
Portraits of a city




“True experiences of life transcends the confines of space and time. No one has ever really lived if they have not experienced such moments. Count yourself wealthy with the best life can offer if you can account for many of those moments. Therefore when we celebrates the life of the dead (be it a loved one or anyone for that matter), what we celebrate are those timeless experiences. Those by which this person(s) defied the temporality of space, time and history. This alone is already worth erecting a monument over”.
Oh, how our lives are always peeping out of our closets.
The other side of sleep
With Levi Orben who is the founder of Dajo Pottery, and Abdul, one of his senior potters who has been with him for about 18 years. Here, Mr Levi explains the workings of the state of the art Kiln that helps his company process ceramics. Mr Levi also told us about the history of how he came into pottery as the first man ever to do so in his lineage, and also about his current challenges with expansion and growth.
Knowledge without colonialism

Photo credits

Zainab odunsi – @zee2thenab

Yinka Elujoba -@elujoba

Yagazie Emezi- @yagazieemezi

Uche Okonkwo – @che

Emeka Okereke- @emekaokereke

Eleghosa Olosunde – @forgetterseye

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