Islamic extremists have stormed a luxury hotel in Mali and taken 170 people hostage in an apparent terror attack.

Around 10 gun men have attacked a Radisson Blu hotel in Mali capital Bamako, and have taken 170 people hostage in what appears to be a terror attack, BBC reports.

In what has been confirmed by the hotel company, at least two private security guards were injured in the attack, the hotel’s head of security said. However, some hostages including those able to recite verses of the Koran have reportedly been freed.

Speaking earlier, the owners of the hotel where many foreign visitors stay, said at least 140 guests and 30 employees had been “locked in” by two raiders.

“The Rezidor Hotel Group … is aware of the hostage-taking that is ongoing at the property today, 20th November 2015. As per our information two persons have locked in 140 guests and 30 employees,” the company said in a statement quoted by AFP.

“Our safety and security teams and our corporate team are in constant contact with the local authorities in order to offer any support possible to re-instate safety and security at the hotel,” it added.

The raid on the hotel, which lies just west of the city centre near government ministries and diplomatic offices in the former French colony, comes a week after the Paris attacks which killed 129 people.

[UPDATE] 80 hostages have reportedly been freed by Malian Special Forces as they stormed the hotel where about 170 people had been taken hostage by Gunmen, in Bamako Mali early this morning. French foreign minister confirmed this when he announced that Malian forces were in the hotel to “solve the crisis”. Mali’s state TV broadcaster said the soldiers were going from floor to floor inside the Radisson Blu Hotel, engaging in gunfights with the attackers. A witness outside the hotel claims the attackers are still inside and gunfire could be heard.

About 20 Indians, seven Chinese and 3 Turkish airline officials are reportedly in the Hotel. French Nationals are also inside the Hotel.

More updates coming soon.

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20th Nov 2015 - 20.33 pm

It is thought at least 27 people have died after armed jihadists stormed the Radisson Blu hotel in the Mali capital Bamako.

The gunmen took a number of hostages after entering the hotel shouting Allahu Akbar at around 7am local time.

Two Malians, a Belgian and one French citizen are among the dead. Malian special forces launched an assault on the hotel, working their way through the 190 bedroom building and bringing the hostage situation to an end at around 4pm local time.

There were 140 guests and 30 staff members in the hotel, which is popular with visiting Western officials and airline crew on stopovers.

20th Nov 2015 - 20.21 pm

It is thought at least 27 people have died after armed jihadists stormed the Radisson Blu hotel in the Mali capital Bamako.

The gunmen took a number of hostages after entering the hotel shouting Allahu Akbar at around 7am local time.

Two Malians, a Belgian and one French citizen are among the dead. Malian special forces launched an assault on the hotel, working their way through the 190 bedroom building and bringing the hostage situation to an end at around 4pm local time.

There were 140 guests and 30 staff members in the hotel, which is popular with visiting Western officials and airline crew on stopovers.

20th Nov 2015 - 16.58 pm

Conflicting reports on whether or not hostages are still being held

A Malian official has told BFM TV that there are no more hostages.

However local media are reporting that some hostages are still being held.

It is thought that 18 people have died, but those reports are unconfirmed.


20th Nov 2015 - 16.50 pm

A Belgian has been confirmed to be among the 18 reported dead.

His employer has named him as local government official Geoffrey Dieudonne.

It is not clear if more hostages are under threat.

20th Nov 2015 - 16.47 pm

Sources at the scene have said that 18 bodies have been recovered by security forces.

It was thought that 138 terrorists were being held, however reports are emerging that terrorists no longer have any hostages.

20th Nov 2015 - 16.36 pm

Reports on a local radio station have said that 15 hostages are dead.

The report was broadcast by Mali’s Mikado FM.

They claim to have been given the information by government sources.

20th Nov 2015 - 16.32 pm

Al-Mourabitoun is a well-known jihadist group led at one time by the infamous terrorist Mokhtar Belmokhtar.

The group is thought to be a mainly Algerian-based group with ties to Al-Qaeda rather than Islamic State.

Belmokhtar became one of the globe’s most wanted after he masterminded an attack on an Algerian gas plant in 2013 that killed 39, workers, six of them Brits.

It is believed he died in an airstrike in June. His death has been announced several times, but the most recent, on Algerian TV last month, was thought to be credible.

America offered a million reward for the capture of Algerian Belmokhtar, who lost his left eye handling explosives.

Mokhtar Belmokhtar

20th Nov 2015 - 16.29 pm

The African Jihadist group called Al-Mourabitoun which are claiming to be behind today’s attack are not particularly linked with ISIS, it is being claimed.

US security sources analysing today’s attack also say it is too soon to know whether or not this attack is specifically linked to last week’s Paris tragedy.

We’ll be bringing you all the latest as this hostage situation develops. At this stage it is understood that 138 hostages are being held by the terrorists.

Al-Mourabitoun have been previously linked with attacks on hotels in Mali.

20th Nov 2015 - 16.24 pm

As well as Malians, at least eight nationalities are known to have been caught up in the incident.

  • Algeria: six were part of an official Algerian delegation, one works for a French company
  • Germany: the Ministry of foreign affairs said two Germans had escaped. It is unclear whether others are still being held hostage
  • Belgium: Four Belgians were guests at the hotel but it is not known whether they were there when the gunmen attacked
  • China: At least seven Chinese nationals are affected
  • France: 12 Air France employees, two pilots and 10 cabin crew, were staying at the hotel and are now in a safe place. Air France flights to Bamako today have been cancelled.
  • India: 20+ Indian nationals are thought to be among the hostages
  • Turkey: Five Turkish Airlines staff have so far been rescued
  • America: At least six Americans have been freed

20th Nov 2015 - 16.08 pm

An African Jihadist group called Al-Mourabitoun is the terror organisation claiming to be behind today’s attack.

The group is based in northern Mali and made up mostly of Tuaregs and Arabs.

Al-Mourabitoun made the claim on Twitter, however this claim is yet to be verified.

Meanwhile it has been confirmed that two German citizens have been evacuated.

20th Nov 2015 - 16.07 pm

An Al Qaeda-affiliated group is claiming that they are behind today’s terror attack.

It is thought that 138 hostages remain at the Radisson Blu Hotel.

Several Al Qaeda-supporting groups also have links with ISIS, however the specifics of who is behind today’s attack remains unclear.

20th Nov 2015 - 15.52 pm

Six US citizens have been rescued from the scene, according to a military spokesman.

Among those evacuated, some are said to have serious injuries.

The recovered hostages are then being rushed to a nearby hospital.

20th Nov 2015 - 15.51 pm

French special forces have arrived at the hotel.

It is understood that 40 were sent out once details of the hostage situation emerged.

More than 100 hostages remain on the seventh floor, being held by terrorists, it is understood

20th Nov 2015 - 15.35 pm

Four Chinese hostages have been rescued from the hotel.

The information was confirmed by the Chinese embassy in Mali.

However 138 remain held hostage on the seventh floor while special forces go floor-to-floor.

20th Nov 2015 - 15.12 pm

A Malian journalist near the hotel is reporting that several of the wounded being evacuated from the hotel are being taken on a stretcher.

However 138 hostages – including 13 employees of the hotel – are said to be being held on the seventh floor.

Three are confirmed to have died.

20th Nov 2015 - 15.04 pm

Images are emerging of hostages being taken by security forces from the hotel.

Sources say that heavy gunfire was heard moments earlier.

It is understood that the terrorists are holding hostages on the seventh floor.

20th Nov 2015 - 15.00 pm

Heavy gunfire is being heard from those on the ground outside the hotel.

Security forces are inside the building trying to free hostages.

It is understood that 138 hostages are being held on the seventh floor by the terrorists.

20th Nov 2015 - 14.57 pm

A Malian security source has said that 138 hostages are being held on the seventh floor, which is fully controlled by the terrorists – believed to be several gunmen brandishing AK-47s.

Meanwhile Malian special forces have stormed the building, and are clearing it floor by floor.

Several hostages who have fled the scene said the gunmen were speaking in English.


20th Nov 2015 - 14.47 pm

This is the latest advice from the Foreign Office on the ongoing siege of a hotel in Mali.

“There’s an ongoing incident at the Radisson Hotel in Bamako. If you are in Bamako you should remain indoors and follow the instructions of the local authorities.

The situation in Mali is still unstable.

You should maintain several days’ stock of food and water in case disturbances take place.

There is a high threat from terrorism, including kidnap, especially in areas north of Mopti.

Further attacks are highly likely in northern Mali, though the threat exists throughout the country. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places visited by foreigners.”

The Foreign Office is also advising against all but essential travel to the rest of Mali.

20th Nov 2015 - 14.43 pm


20th Nov 2015 - 14.42 pm

CNN is reporting that US special forces are assisting Malian and French officers in their handling of the hostage situation.

Of the 138 remaining hostages, 13 are employees of the hotel.

It is understood that some hostages who could recite verses of the Koran were allowed to leave.

20th Nov 2015 - 14.32 pm

A page representing hacktivist group Anonymous – who declared war on ISIS last week following the Paris attack – has tweeted to share their thoughts with those who have died and those involved in the current siege in Mali.

20th Nov 2015 - 14.25 pm

At least three people are confirmed to have died after armed jihadists stormed the Radisson Blu hotel in the Mali capital Bamako.

The gunmen were reported to have taken 170 hostages, 140 guests and 30 staff members, after entering the hotel shouting Allahu Akbar. Two Malians and one French citizen have died.

11th Nov 2015 - 12.26 pm

#NIGCabinet Kemi Adeosun – Finance Minister #MinisterialInauguration


11th Nov 2015 - 12.24 pm

Raji Fashola- Minister of Power,Works & Housing


11th Nov 2015 - 12.11 pm

President Buhari takes the stage to address the newly sworn in ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


11th Nov 2015 - 12.03 pm

: 9th set of ministers being sworn in now; Aisha Abubakar (Mama Taraba), Aisha Al-Hassan, Kadija Ibrahim and Mansur Dan Al.

11th Nov 2015 - 11.51 am

:8th set of ministers to being sworn in now; Isaac Adewole, Adebayo Shittu, Solomon Dalung and former governor of Rivers State Rotimi Amaech.

11th Nov 2015 - 11.37 am

:7th set of ministers being sworn in include; Ibrahim Jibril, Abubakar B Bwari, Kemi Adeosun and Cladius Daramola

So far 28 ministers have been sworn in by the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

11th Nov 2015 - 11.21 am

Nigerians can now heave a sigh of relief after holding their breath for five long months in anticipation of a new Federal Executive Council following President Buhari’s ascension to power.

1st batch of Ministers being sworn in Okechukwu Enyinnaya, Chris Ngige, Mohammed M. Bello, Udoma U Udoma

2nd Set of Ministers being sworn in now; Heineken Lokpobiri, Adamu Adamu, Audu Ogbe, Mustapha B.Shehuri

3rd Set of Ministers being sworn in now; Usani Uguru, Ogbonnaya Onu, Osagie Ehanire, Ibe Kachikwu

: 4th set of ministers being sworn in now; Kayode Fayemi, Geoffrey Onyema, Amina Mohammed, Anthony Anwuka

: 5th set of Ministers being sworn in; Suleiman Adamu, Zainab Ahmad, Abdulrahaman Danbazau, Hadi Sirika

: 6th set of ministers just being sworn in are all lawyers; Fashola, Ocholi, Lai Mohammed & Malami

22nd Sep 2015 - 13.01 pm

Dr Saraki’s counsel has expressed dissatisfaction over the new court date set at October 21, claiming that it is too short to plan a defence. Meanwhile, Dr Saraki claims that this is the first time he is hearing the charges brought against him.

22nd Sep 2015 - 12.48 pm

The seating of the CCT has now been adjourned to allow Dr Saraki receive proper brief of the charges against him.

22nd Sep 2015 - 12.26 pm

Dr Saraki is getting support from fellow senators as about 50 of them with some members of the House of Representatives are present in the Tribunal court with him.

22nd Sep 2015 - 12.19 pm

The Prosecution is objecting the defendant’s plea.

FYI: Tribunal Chairman, Danladi Umar, has withdrawn bench warrant against the defendant.

22nd Sep 2015 - 12.17 pm

Dr Saraki pleaded not guilty to all charges. The counsel to the defendant, Joseph Daodu appealed to the Tribunal to give adequate time to his client to be briefed and understand the charges as the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria prescribes.

22nd Sep 2015 - 12.13 pm

Arguments ensued earlier in the proceedings regarding where the defendant would sit but that was soon resolved. The prosecution established that the item on the agenda for the day was taking the defendant’s plea. This meant that the defendant had to sit in the dock like a common criminal. The defendant, Dr Saraki, was initially reluctant to take a plea but had to do so at the insistence of both the Prosecution and the Chairman of the Tribunal.

The chairman of the Tribunal has since established that the CCT is not a court that tries criminal cases and thus, the administration of criminal justice does not apply to the court.

22nd Sep 2015 - 11.35 am

At about 10 am this morning, Nigeria’s Senate President Bukola Saraki was seen entering into the premises of the Code of Conduct Bureau. The ex-governor who is facing corruption charges with the Bureau has been absent from his previous hearings, forcing the Code of Conduct Tribunal to issue a warrant for his arrest.

Dr Saraki was quoted as saying on Monday that he is a law abiding citizen, promising to show up for his hearing today as he “had nothing to hide”. Since the charges were made, Dr Saraki and his counsel Joseph Daodu (SAN) have employed several tactics to ensure the nullification of the trial, so much that other SANs and judicial personalities are accusing them of attempting to frustrate judicial proceedings.

Senate President Bukola Saraki now in the CCT dock #SarakiOnTrial

29th May 2015 - 07.54 am

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