Africa-based social networking site, Yookos has upgraded its platform to suit the social networking requirements of its over 10 million social media users.

This came at the heels of the release of its mobile web version in Johannesburg late last year.

By offering the mobile version meant especially for phones, the company has made it possible for more people to join the fastest growing social network in Africa, Chief Executive Officer of Yookos, Tomisin Fashina said.

He added that what makes Yookos to be a social networking site of choice is its ability to blend a multiplicity of social media functionalities and features into one intuitive and robust platform.

As part of the upgrade, Fashina explained that Yookos users will not only be able to sign-in with their other existing social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Linked-In; they can now easily share all their Yookos posts with friends and family on these platforms as well.

He stated that the social platform user does not need to have accounts on diverse social media platforms as all their requirements are met on a single platform; adding that the idea is to offer users different offerings in one place.

According to Fashina; “After we launched Yookos about two years ago, we took time to really listen and understand our users much better to make sure they get the best out of our product. We’ve made huge investments to ensure that Yookos becomes a highly competitive and world-class platform that users can really enjoy and be proud of.”

“In addition to the social sharing and sign-in integration we went further to give users more control over their own Yookos account by even allowing them to customise their streams and groups just by simply clicking, dragging, and dropping. That’s how easy it is now.”

“And users can enjoy all these benefits with the comfort of knowing that they are in a safe and clean online environment, free from any violent or abusive content,” he said.

Another interesting offering from Yookos is user’s ability to post or comment straight from your email by simply replying to the notification email.


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