Imagine a world where organisations come up with life-changing initiatives that drives society forward. Global payment services giant, Western Union has continued showing commitment to education as they step up their PASS Initiative.

The company launched the PASS initiative in 2012, as a Global Partner of the UEFA Europa League, and the Western Union Foundation with a view to turn every successful pass in the competition into funding to support one day’s education for young people around the world.

“Western Union knows that young people with a good education have a better chance of realizing their dreams. As a responsible corporate citizen, we want to see the world’s youth live up to full potential, regardless of geographical location, ethnicity, gender or economic status. That’s why we are committed to the cause of secondary education and vocational training,” the company said on its website.

Western Union and the Western Union Foundation will work with UNICEF to support education programs, supporting UNICEF through funding programs that include financial literacy, teacher training, and life skills training for adolescents, vocational training, and lots more. This is in line with one of the objectives of UNICEF, which is ensuring that all children have access to a quality education.

“Education is key in Africa and the PASS initiative by Western Union deserves a lot of credit,” African football icon, Austin ‘Jay-Jay’ Okocha said at a fans forum in Frankfurt. The forum was powered by Western Union as part of the activities as partners of the Europa League.

“As a young footballer, access to education was difficult but these days, Africans must realize that education is vital because despite being a retired footballer, education has proved helpful in managing my wealth so initiatives like this from Western Union must be lauded,” Okocha added.

Africa’s current growth is unprecedented following years of bitter experience from bad policies and leadership. Educated youths will better secure the continent’s future; hence innovative campaigns such as PASS are crucial to its development.

Already, UNICEF in Jamaica and Nigeria, as well as Turkey is delivering funding on the ground. Education programs are due to commence in Senegal, Brazil, Morocco and China.


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