“We need to “disrupt” these repairmen, artisans and handymen. Ain’t nobody got time for stress,” Celestine Omin, a software engineer based in Lagos, wrote some months ago. As with many Nigerians, Omin had received unsatisfactory services from artisans and repairmen one too many times, and it prompted him to write an article calling for a disruption of the sector.

In his article, Omin suggested that the artisan sector be “Uberized”; “What happened to taxis with the advent of Uber needs to happen to repairmen, artisans and handymen,” he said. And went on to suggest what he termed the “ideal marketplace” for artisans, repairmen, and handymen; a platform that would connect prospective customers with repairmen, artisans, and handymen.

Apparently, someone must have read Omin’s article and got to work because now there is a platform out to revolutionise the artisan industry in the country. Wesabi is that platform. Wesabi is an online social network platform that allows you have access to exceptionally skilled personnel; plumbers, carpenters, painters, cleaners, electricians, even tailors. You just ask, and Wesabi will hook you up with the best.

How it works

Clients go on the platform and post a job by simply filling out a request form. Wesabi contacts client within a few minutes to confirm availability, then assigns the nearest available “Wesabi expert” to get the job done. The client receives an email to this end.

Clients also get 100 percent guarantee as all payments are made directly to Wesabi, which then pay the worker after confirming from the client that they got a satisfactory service. And if the client is not satisfied at the completion of the job, he/she gets refunded. But this is hardly ever the case as Wesabi boasts only qualified and verified workers. The increasing number of reviews on the platform attest to this.

Hopefully, Wesabi will serve as a market leader, a Travis Kalanick in an industry long overdue for a disruption.

Watch video below for more insight on this disruptive platform:


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