VENTURES AFRICA  Let me quickly state that I am amongst the few who truly believe that a way to accelerate Nigeria – and Africa –  up from the present state of economic growth towards greater maximization of its rich potentials lies in the motherland and springing up genuine solutions to challenges; not copying every western act. So in writing about a Silicon Valley for Nigeria I do not mean to have the government and private sector carve out a physical space to call Silicon Valley.

This article is a case for a serious overhaul of government thoughts, acts and subsequently how the little but growing technology and media industry behave. Silicon Valley is synonymous to the United States of America and so far several countries have failed in their bid to replicate the exact success and story basically because they do not understand that Silicon Valley is less of a physical thing and more of a mental and societal approach to creating radical solutions on a wide scale level, complete with the necessary environment to make these happen.

Silicon Valley cannot be replicated as the argument goes. And I agree. The tech Jerusalem is simply America’s answer to building a solution creating and processing environment akin to its challenges and Nigeria certainly can never hope to have a replica of that because the two nations are far apart and have diverse challenges at this period of their existence.

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