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Turide is set to break into Nigeria’s fast-growing transportation market with the launch of its car-hailing service in Kano state. Dubbed as the ‘Northern Uber’ the indigenous transportation network company will offer seamless services with an innovative mobile application that allows passengers to reach their destination with ease.

Turide is the first car-hailing app in Northern Nigerian, and it aims to disrupt this sector by bringing new opportunities into its largely uncharted e hailing ecosystem. Thus, Turide will be joining other entrants as they continue to contest in a market largely dominated by the two car-hailing giants, Uber and Taxify. However, the operations of these international and indigenous car-hailing companies have been limited to the country’s administrative capital, Abuja and the nation’s commercial nerve centre, Lagos.

Over the years, security challenges have affected businesses in Northern Nigeria, and this is particularly evident in the uneven spread of technology entrepreneurs in Nigeria. The North is largely underrepresented with only a few startups in the region.

However, with its launch, Turide is securing a spot in the technological revolution. More importantly, its introduction will give rise to car-hailing companies and birth a turning point for the region in terms of technological innovation. The Turide app works without a glitch by offering an all-inclusive service that allows residents and even tourists in Kano to ride, order food and also request cleaning services. Turide Food allows users to order food on the go through the app and gets it delivered.

According to the company, it will run a 24-hour service in Kano and Kaduna as soon as it begins operations in these cities. Kano state has an estimated population of over 11 million people, and it is currently the second most populous state in Nigeria, thus making it a fertile market for new car-hailing operators.

The app also offers riders the opportunity to order a tricycle (Keke Napep) or Dan Sahu as it is popularly known in the state from their phones and allows an in-app payment. The addition of tricycle hailing into its system will help it reach the low/ middle-class population in the state. This means a majority of the urban dwellers can now enjoy the convenience, safety, and luxury that comes with similar services in other parts of the country.


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