Tranter IT, an infrastructure Services Company based in Lagos, Nigeria, has announced the introduction of its latest product the 10+ IT support. The 10 + IT Support is an integrated technology service that provides IT support personnel for Small and medium scale businesses, allowing them to work better and grow faster.

Speaking at a press conference last week to unveil its latest product, Tranter’s Executive Director Ms. Melanie Ayoola revealed that the service will provide new solutions for SMEs, and prevent productivity lag.

“10+ will allow SMEs achieve objectives by preventing productivity lag, protect against data loss, high IT staff turnover, and will ensure all systems are up and running for staff to work,” she said.

Tranter IT is an IT infrastructure service provider that makes IT solutions available to companies in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa. Tranter IT has over 100 years experience delivering IT services all over the world, and 14 years delivering them to Nigerian companies. They have over 300 employees with 250 engineers on their books, in most of the 36 states and Abuja in Nigeria. They provide IT Support service in Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, and SMEs. The company is set to employ 10,000 support engineers in the next five years across West Africa, while also expanding operations to Uganda and Ghana in the same period.

“With 96% of Nigerian businesses are categorized as Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Tranter IT is set to employ 10,000 support engineers within the next 5 years who will join our extensive network of IT professionals.” Executive Director, Ms. Melanie Ayoola said, on the future plan for improving IT in West Africa.

According to Tranter’s COO, Mr. Adewale Saka, Tranter also trains about 100 engineers for free annually, with successful trainees becoming part of Tranter’s IT Support staff of their free will.

“We have a business continuity plan in place where for every 10 engineers on the field, there are two backup engineers to cater for resignations, annual leaves, maternity leaves, and other unforeseen events. By this, downtime is eliminated from the businesses of our clients. With 10+ IT Support, an SME can concentrate on their core business areas while we manage and provide either a part or the whole of their IT requirements” he also said.

10+ IT Support, a branded service powered by Tranter IT, is an integrated technology support service which provides premium IT support to small and medium scale enterprises. This level of support was previously only available to large organizations but now Tranter IT has customized and tailored this service to the needs, size, and dynamics of small and medium scale businesses. The 10+ IT Support is a smaller but equally efficient version of the IT support services Tranter offers to bigger companies.

10+ IT Support leverages shared services and is a high quality IT support service that is custom designed for Small and medium scale enterprises allowing businesses to pay for the IT support services that they actually use.  It gives these businesses access to the same level of support that the large enterprises benefit from.  This allows for optimum productivity and the kind of business continuity that is needed for growth. Tranter IT traditionally offers premium IT Support services only to enterprise clients such as the large banks, manufacturing companies, Oil & gas companies, and other large corporates in Nigeria. Our clients include Union Bank, FCMB, Sterling Bank Plc, Lafarge Africa Plc, Leadway Assurance, Total E&P to mention a few.” Ms. Ayoola further said.

From L-R: Onyinye Ibe, Product Manager, Tranter IT; Melanie Ayoola, Executive Director, Tranter IT; Adewale Saka, Chief Operating Officer, Tranter IT; Olalekan Ahmed, Support Manager, Tranter IT.

The 10+ IT support service, after much research, was developed to meet the needs of SMEs in Nigeria trying to grow their business using IT. Tranter IT’s Product Manager, Mr. Oyinye Ibe says the 10+ IT Support will allow SMEs survive and stay in the market, by outsourcing its IT needs. The 10 + IT Support will not only provide support both in hardware and software but also provide an entire IT department without the cost of hiring a whole IT department.

“From our series of research on growing business owners’ pain points, we found out that IT is one of the key issues for growing businesses. As the business environment is becoming more complex, there needs to be smarter thinking by embracing IT for any business to remain competitive’’ Mr. Ibe said.

Apart from solutions in IT hardware and software, the 10+ IT Support will also offer solutions in IT support, data backup and cloud computing, data encryption, and security. To ensure that the IT engineers that will be well cared for while attending to the needs of SMEs, Tranter assures its customers that staff welfare is a priority.

10+ IT Support has ITIL framework and IT Service Management practices embedded in its delivery to our esteemed clients.  This new service will follow best practices to ensure that we deliver the best IT Support service to Small and Medium Enterprises. At Tranter IT, we pride ourselves on having top-notch HR management because our support staff’s welfare is a top priority.” said Mr. Olalekan Ahmed, Support Manager of Tranter IT.

To book a free consultation and more information on 10+ IT Support, visit our website – or Tranter IT’s Head Office in Lagos at 3-5, Alhaji Adejumo Avenue, Ilupeju, Lagos. Our phone numbers are 08183405221 or 09023416588. Connect with us on LinkedIn – Tranter IT, Facebook – 10PlusSupport and follow @10PlusIT on Twitter and Instagram.


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