The 2013 Economist Nigeria summit has come to an end. The event had in attendance global economic icons such as former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, under whose helm the country’s economy significantly improved; founder and CEO of Acumen Fund, Jacqueline Novogratz; and Robert Neuwirth, author of Stealth of Nations & Shadow Cities: A Billion Squatters, A New Urban World. Robert has been researching the informal market economy in Africa for 4 years.

Listed are top ten live tweets from the event’s harshtag.

“@EG_GlobalMkts 350+ international business leaders including 70+ media. #Nigeriasummit depicts a truly global conversation in Lagos.”

“@KathleenNdongmo Over the next 15 years cities like Lagos are going to create 50% of the world’s economy ~Robert Neuwirth #Nigeriasummit

“KathleenNdongmo Neuwirth proposes that govts find effective ways of working with the informal sector rather than put them out of business #Nigeriasummit

“@cosanna There are positives in banning hawkers, okadas, street markets but we’re talking about job losses in millions! -R. Neuwirth #Nigeriasummit

“@cosanna Even big companies lose with street trading bans – UAC can’t sell Gala, telecoms struggle with recharge card. – R. Neuwirth #Nigeriasummit

“@sankara1111 “Not everyone who writes a bizplan is an entrepreneur (Know your limitations, don’t give up, sell your idea)” – Osibodu #Nigeriasummit

“@sankara1111 Advice from creator of Inye-tablet. “Recruit foreigner to pitch your biz to local investors, if not you won’t be listened to #Nigeriasummit

“@KathleenNdongmo Oswald Boateng says we don’t quite understand marketing & creating value of goods & services in Africa & it’s not gov’ts job #NigeriaSummit

“@GbengaGOLD Nigeria has set a target to be one of the top 20 economies in the world. However, our forecast puts it at 33rd – Robert #Nigeriasummit

“@KathleenNdongmo $2138 – if you have access to this amount of money you are one of the world’s 50% wealthiest individuals. UN statistic #NigeriaSummit

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