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“There are nearly 7.4 billion people on planet earth, but Aliko Dangote is one of the 74 men and women who make the world turn,” said Forbes in their World’s Most Powerful People list released last year.

Dangote is Africa’s wealthiest man with a current net worth of $12.2 billion. Forbes ranked him as the second most powerful black person in the world after Barack Obama (#48). He is Africa’s second most powerful person and the 68th most powerful person in the world. The business tycoon’s accolades are unending as his swaying influence in Africa is unmatched.

One of the evidences of how powerful he is was felt in Tanzania in November last year as one of his factories, Dangote Cement in Mtwara temporarily shut down as a result of high operational costs and non-fulfillment of obligations by the Tanzanian Government. It took President John Magufuli himself to instigate a timely intervention, which if delayed, could have led to a loss of many jobs and shattered investors’ confidence in Tanzania.

Surprisingly, Dangote is also interested in football. In 2016 it was reported that Africa’s richest man plans to buy Arsenal Football Club in the next 4 years.

According to, Dangote owns the largest industrial business in Nigeria and throughout West Africa. He provides thousands of African families with bread and butter. He is also a source of inspiration for young entrepreneurs who strive for success.

Below is an infographic that tells you the story of Africa’s richest man

Aliko Dangote
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